Why do people choose the dollar, not Bitcoin, and what prevents them from

YouTube channel Creators Capital conducted an interesting experimentin which University students were asked to choose one dollar or one Bitcoin. Curiously, the vast majority chose the dollar.

You think this experiment is a merciless mockery of the U.S. education system with their simple-minded students? Actually no. There probably is important to find out why students will value the dollar more. And what should be done such that the next time they did a truly right choice?

The contents

Why is Bitcoin better?

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Although the video was filmed when swimming course in the area of 5400 dollars, promise you’ll catch. Why most of the students at the University of Colorado will prefer the dollar Bitcoin?

One popular answer is that the dollar — a physical quantity, and everyone knows his price. So do the students bitcoins cheaper dollars? After all, most of the population of the planet must have heard about Bitcoin when he broke through the level of 20 thousand dollars. They really think BTC could fall down to zero just because disappeared from the media? Apparently, just interviewed those who either didn’t understand or insufficiently mastered information for an objective assessment. Many simply lost interest in this phenomenon, as only in the news, a wave of negative data.

For dollars you can eat and Bitcoin only bears risks

One of the respondents vaguely explained that “Bitcoin is protected by a password, and if you lose your password, access the coins will be lost”. However, as she noted, the dollar she would not have lost. Of course, nobody ever lost a dollar.

Source: 2Биткоина

Many did not hesitate to explain his / her choice in favor of the dollar the opportunity to buy snacks from the vending machine. This is not to argue, of course, difficult, but today in Bitcoin as much as eight thousand dollars!

Overall, these polls open our eyes to an obvious problem with micropayments. I think this aspect is very important if we want mass adoption of Bitcoin. The sooner we all will be able to pay for snacks and drinks comfortable and stable implementation of instant payments Lightning Network, the better.

Then who and why chooses Bitcoin?

One of the students made a choice in favor of Bitcoin and argued the fact that for a long time “monitoring Scripturally”. However, he was never able to get them — didn’t want to install and configure the application. Besides wasn’t sure that “someone is now generally sells bitcoin”. That is, even those who seem to be watching the fate of Bitcoin, it often does not even have a wallet on your smartphone.

There was another savvy guy who knew about the next bullrun coins, so I made a choice in favor of Bitcoin. He invested in the cryptocurrency on the past HYIP, got $ 1,000 a week, and then lost everything.

Perhaps, in the experiment, there were also other respondents, but were not included in the final version of the video.

Bitcoin bubble of a different type

While we stew in their own juice, it’s easy to forget that around our little cryptopsaras there is a whole world of nominerad. And if we want mass adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, it is important to carry the message about it to the masses.

Source: 2Биткоина

Although initially none of the participants of the experiment and was not going to buy bitcoins, the leading clearly sowed the grain in them. Knowing a little more about the value of Bitcoin, its utility and features, most changed their opinion.

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In addition, they were asked to download and install the app and even gave a few Satoshi. Approximately most of us are familiar with Bitcoin and completely unexplored technology. Someone bought some coins a few years ago, someone gave them, and someone received payment for the order bitcoin freelance. Overall, spending just a few minutes to study topics and installation of the wallet a few years ago, it was possible to get a thousand percent. And given the uncertain fate of Bitcoin in the future, I recommend at least for now, to spend these few minutes, because the price may rise further.

Invite all your friends $ 1 in bitcoins. Help them install the wallet and send a few Satoshi. Explain that you can do nothing and just periodically check the price. Oh yeah, you can imply that if you did it at least six months ago, today it would be two and a half times more. Are you ready to participate in this common mission? Share your case studies of life in our cryptodata.

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