Why did you kill Apple 3D Touch It?

Apple announced phones iPhone, 11 new has made progress in all technical aspects of the device other than the Touch technology three-dimensional “3D Touch” has been removed and replaced by the technique of the “Haptic Touch” the existing Palace are XR this is the first time Apple’s technology its And you remove them without providing a better alternative to the Not So what are the reasons behind it?

لماذا قتلت أبل تقنية الـ 3D Touch ؟

لماذا قتلت أبل تقنية الـ 3D Touch ؟

What is the technique of the 3D touch is?

Apple announced this feature in 2015 as a revolutionary with the iPhone 6s it enables iPhone of the sensor the force pressing on the screen so that you can access shortcuts quick apps and review links, images quickly by just pressing firmly on the screen in order to save time and stretch the benefits of this feature far much more has been utilized by developers in games and various other applications one the biggest benefits that I can’t do without them personally is used in keyboard iPhone for between the lines while writing.

Why has Apple abandoned it?

It is due to several reasons and the fact it’s a hidden feature and other major cell phones of the iPhone compared to the network camera and the Face ID and other features that are essential to the phenomenon. In practice, most users of iPhone don’t use them on a daily basis and a lot of them don’t know of its existence mainly!!! Article was promoted with the release of the iPhone 6s if a normal person skipped buying it and got directly on the iPhone 7 like or post it is easy to forget to provide water to the device because of its non-core and will not see in support of your device because they are old and inconsequential to mention in the promotion that makes him continue to use the phone normally without them. Apple realized this, so he has to promote water as a selling point Basic for the iPhone 6s and put huge screens in some of its stores to improve the strength of touch but it wasn’t enough because all the iPhone devices that are released after the 6s comes with features exchange system for the 3D Touch as well as to the technical take space inside the device and removed enabled the apple of the extra features are more useful to the user such as the battery capacity.

Do you get rid of the 3D Touch resolution right?

The answer here varies from one person to another for for water expensive and take up space of the components of the device and used by only a limited number of users so for most users having a larger capacity battery is important for most users of the iPhone, as Apple made a substitute to water the Haptic Touch is the tactile lengthy the company provides most of the features of the 3D Touch, but as a person it’s a little complicated, I was more concerned with water when launched and more ready to use it and I could see no bright future once the games specifically, but in the end the market is judged.

After iOS 13 the Haptic Touch everyone

In the past it was characteristic of the 3D Touch exclusive only to owners of devices that support this technology, but after the update to iOS 13 became everyone they have the advantage of an alternative for the 3D Touch is a Haptic-Touch and this feature is very similar to the 3D Touch panel is that the device doesn’t feel strongly push but waiting to press at length, so to know the difference between the 3D Touch and the Haptic Touch is just second waiting. So the decision Apple dispense with the 3D Touch is not touching anything but only for software that was use in the sense of touch.

Tell us-do you use the 3D Touch basically or not, and find the big difference between it and the Haptic-Touch it?

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