Why can’t the iPhone keep Android phones this year?!

Witness the current times the development of a revolutionary remarkable in the smart phone industry for Android with the advent of a number of techniques such as: support of networks of the fifth generation, flip phones, the fingerprint sensor under the screen, twist camera, etc. What made the competition in front of Apple TV looks harder than before.

لماذا قد لا يستطيع الآيفون مواكبة هواتف الأندرويد هذا العام ؟!

Why can’t the iPhone keep Android phones this year?!

No support for networks of the fifth generation this year!

Support for fifth-generation networks, according to Reuters couldn’t Apple achieve that this year with phones iPhone. The reason is because Apple is dependent on Intel in the production of communications chip in the phones iPhone after litigation with Qualcomm, and you can’t Intel develop the segments of a fifth-generation final this year.

Android phones high-end this year will come down by at least one supportive networks of the fifth generation as we have seen in the phone Galaxy S10 5G will benefit some users in several countries around the world expect that new technology to quickly contact Super.

And iPhone foldable!

The second challenge to Apple, which put him in front of IT companies Android competition: phones collapsible. We have already seen phone Galaxy Fold Samsung is expected to ask the rest of the company and similar versions throughout the year.

Unlikely clearly see the iPhone foldable tuck this year, even though some wished it andbegan to imagine how would look that the iPhone, Apple seems intent on entering the competition in phones folding with Rod leaks on the registration of patents that are relevant only to companies Android record I don’t race in it, has used Apple Samsung to implement this project.

Maybe some see that the characters look closer to luxury ones to use general and natural, but the competition is fierce and the ability of companies to create needs to make these luxuries a necessity with time!

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