Why built-in screen fingerprint scanner is not so good as people think

Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S10 hidden under the display is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner has become very popular, though the technology itself is not new. However, although such a decision and is more advanced compared with conventional fingerprint sensors, it is not without drawbacks. Moreover, a new type of sensor may not be as good as accepted to talk about it.

It is worth Recalling that at the moment there are two main types of fingerprint sensors — optical and ultrasonic. Optical sensors sooner hit the market and work, “highlighting the” finger in a light beam and comparing it with the one stored in memory the. Ultrasonic sensors use sound waves, but the principle is in fact here the same.

Both optical and ultrasonic sensors can be hidden under the phone’s display and allow you to place your finger on a small selected area. Ultrasonic sensors are more expensive than the already mentioned optical, but they are much safer due to the larger area of the scanned surface.

So what’s the problem? And that hidden under the screen biometric sensors work more slowly than their “normal” counterparts. Moreover, many users complain that the sensors just do not work.

“My experience with Galaxy S10 mixed feelings. There are times when the sensor detects my finger print just fine, but it happens so that it doesn’t work at all. And this is the best version of the ultrasonic scanner today. But it looks like a step backwards compared to the traditional and proven technology.” — said one of the users of Galaxy S10.

In addition, it is also possible to complain about anything not delineated the scope of use of the sensor. At that time, traditional sensors have a very noticeable physical shape in the form of bumpers or buttons. Yes, eventually you can get used to put the finger to a certain area in a certain way, but this is a small, but still the discomfort from using the device.

Despite this, hidden under the screen sensors are not going anywhere, because the whole screen looks really cool and fresh. What do you think about this? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

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