Why Bitcoin needs to rise to million by the end of 2020? The Answer Of John McAfee

Bitcoin just can’t be cheaper than a million dollars. By the end of 2020 main cryptocurrency will rise to critical — at least for John McAfee — the mark. Millionaire I am sure that BTC is subject to mathematical laws, which he set a goal of growth for Bitcoin.

Recall that in 2018 he voiced his famous forecast and promised Bitcoin for a million dollars by the end of 2020. If this does not happen, he sort of eats his cock live on television. By the way, in the beginning of April he solemnly announced the end of the bearish trend of the stock market.

How to understand math

Unfortunately, John has not published a single formula on which he’s been calculating. The projection itself was decorated in an expressive style.

Come on, people! Time to recall basic math skills and poshurshat damn numbers! Mathematically it is impossible that Bitcoin was below a million dollars by the end of 2020. Bitcoin is not stock! You can’t use any of the traditional paradigms with the stock market.

The millionaire decided the future cost of mining coins, the number of users of BTC and the network of cryptocurrency. According to McAfee, Bitcoin is not just another tool for speculation, and the full payment Protocol that can function without banks.

In the end, the Fiat economy is waiting for the inevitable collapse on the back of another year of Bitcoin.

People will start to use Bitcoin for payments. They will cease to pay in dollars, euros and yuan. In the long term this process will lead to a depreciation of the world currencies.

Note that you can grab McAfee will be very difficult. If now Bitcoin is trading around 5200 dollars, to achieve one million he needs to grow by at least 19 900 percent by December 2020. Let’s hope the cryptocurrency will fit closer to a million. About the beginning bullrun first to know, if you sign up for our cryptcat.


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