Why Bitcoin is a tool for the “peaceful revolution”. The Opinion Of Jimmy Song

One of the developers of Bitcoin song Jimmy gave a short interview on the transfer of the well-known leader of max Kaiser. He believes that the world’s first cryptocurrency can be a powerful tool for “peaceful revolution”. According to song, the best that Bitcoin gives us, is the decentralization of the monetary system.

Stability condition

If we have the government and big business, then they will always get what you want.

According to the song, cryptocurrencies are simple the person above corporations and the government, because they have no Central authority. He also touched on the topic of Yellow Jackets in Paris, who do not understand that the crypt can help them to root out corruption in government, big business, and legacy banks, against which they are protesting.

Many people just can’t understand it. Money power is the biggest force in the world. The world is run by those who pull the purses strings.

Take away power from the banks

According to Bitcoin veteran if the protesters in Paris really want change, you should start with the decentralization of the outdated financial system.

All of these protest movements are by that who really is the culprit of the situation. And therefore society should regain the weight, decentraliza power. Just here comes the Bitcoin.

As the song says, instead of protesting in the streets, risking to get hurt or killed, “vests” should come from the back side and throw off the shackles of society, big government and big banks. This is a much more peaceful revolution, which is possible thanks to Bitcoin.

Interestingly, recently on the Paris protests was seen a Bitcoin enthusiast, urging the crowd to buy BTC, says CCN. More data look at cryptodata. And the current rate of coins can be found in our classroom ranking of cryptocurrencies.

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