Why become slow devices with the passage of time?

Apple has announced that one of the most important advantages of iOS 12 will improve performance significantly up to 100% in some of the posts -see our previous article-. But why the devices have become basically slow? Called battery problem aside, now talking about the phone not suffering from any defect in the gear, why we feel that the lower performance with the passage of time and updates it? How will Apple’s performance?


Is the battery problem a major cause of low performance, but after changing the battery or close to reduce the performance of an option which is present in iOS 11.3 and the latest decoding supposed to feel that the system is offline (be it iOS 11.4.1) works as fast as it was in iOS 10 before iOS 9, but the truth is this doesn’t happen. We feel that it is slower. But is this feeling real?

A few months ago was published a study was conducting tests on the iPhone devices of the same model on several different systems and came out of the study result says that the performance is fixed with the updates (there are differences of course but not huge). It is the same in the tests of the performance BenchMark which made it clear that if your phone does not suffer from the battery problem it is supposed that he gets a result close to that was obtained in the past. But this is not what we feel.

After the announcement of Apple’s improved performance in iOS 12 we have seen some comments saying that what happens to the plot of the Apple where the company, over the years, reducing performance deliberately and then now decided to stop this kissing provide this feature. Just like the theory that the pharmaceutical companies are making the disease companies, computer manufacturing viruses. So for reduce the performance and then learn to raise his Funk are pleased that the company adds a new feature. A good theory, but isn’t it more logical to show this kissing in the tests of performance? When lowered Apple performance because of the battery appeared clear that kissing in the tests. So why the reduction of time that does not show up? And by the way to improve performance includes iPhone X is really Apple itself to assess the performance of the latest device with the aim of preventing the sale?

The truth is that there is no one reason Frank this though there are several reasons we mention the most important 3 of them only.

Consecutive updates accumulated

A lot of it was his device on iOS 8, said updating to iOS 9 settings directly and following the back of iOS 9 my units, and then iOS 10, iOS 11 currently link to iOS 11.4.1 all of this without the work of restor clean. The idea in a nutshell West that with the series available updates, there are several files may be unsound for one reason or another resulting in reduced performance. Often recommended centers Apple accredited to make a major update (9-10-11-12) from iTunes by restylane birds because it removes all the old files accumulated and only the latest version. You can trade by yourself by connecting your iDevice iTunes and take a backup copy and then process the Restore and then try again after performing a device you will feel the difference observed in the performance.

If you are suffering from slow at your you, ask yourself when was the last time you made a restor from iTunes to? If it has been more than a year you need now

The advantages of the new

The previous point is the reason for reducing the performance but not the only reason, so even after the restylane birds will not return for his old age, is more new. For simplicity imagine that you have your device function to transfer 100 bag. This machine will for in a certain length; now increase the number to 150 bag then 200 then 300. You can save 300 bag at the same time and that the transfer by 100 in the past? Of course not. The device has not changed and its speed did not decrease, but the number of bags increased. This in a nutshell is what happens and that you have purchased the iPhone 6s new time released iOS 9 now running iOS 11.4. Whether you like the current system, 11.4 or not but it certainly merits much more than existing in iOS 9. Now the same device with the same memory and processor and the same everything has become for you to manage more jobs and therefore less speed which we feel but it’s actually still the same speed as an example of machine bags. Did not decrease his speed but increased the number of bags or we are more.

Your device is running the same speed, but the tasks that have increased

The advantages of the latest

Let’s continue in the same previous example, you and someone you have 6s currently include slow device. Now to compare between the 6s and the iPhone 8 in the tests. The latter is superior to 89% in the speed of the individual cores and 165% in maximum performance “cores multiple” and 53% in the tests of Metal any games. Now think of gaming companies and applications, they automatically think about offering the greatest advantages for the competition so care is essential with the latest iPhone (which his performance is now twice the performance of your device). Games and applications designed for this device rapid in their mind and therefore they added many new features to their game. or the application of them. Which became a conversation with you just like the previous point is that the applications increase the advantages inside as well as the games and this makes you feel that performance is less but it’s actually almost constant but the load has increased.

Developer that focuses on applications for the devices newer than cause additional load on older

How will you improve Apple’s performance?

Now a lot of follow-up, we say, if what you say is true, how will Apple improve the performance? You will increase the advantages? Isn’t it more a new are the cause of slow so how will you doubled Apple’s speed without removing features? Answer this question point known by the programmers is performance improvement or “Optimization” which is to say, the developer re-writing and building his program or his game or his system and the use of codes other alternative. For example, I have 10 lines of code for such and such and then I added a new feature he wrote after these lines 6 lines new then 14 for the third. Now I have 30 lines to 3 advantages. To developer application performance, he says review all the lines are lost find where the points of duplicate or destroys them together to become the 20-line to provide the same benefits or even find that it can be written better and budget better and that makes it faster.

This is the secret that the iOS system 12 is not by a huge number of advantages where the concentration of the Apple a part of its developer improve the performance. Of course, Apple is moving on improving your performance by any running applications and exit them to open the camera. But if there is a particular application slow do Apple will not improve performance for these applications because they operate on the same system not on the app.

Of course you might say Why didn’t Apple start improving the performance and write code The best way? The answer simply is that the performance improvement takes a long time compared to adding water; for example, for Apple to add a feature XYZ in a month, but it may need 4 months to make it work as quickly as possible; so come to Apple earlier, the Add said that with iOS 12 it’s time to improve performance

Any reasons it deems the most influential in the performance for it? Or agree with that Apple is making the problem even with X now solve for the update without the advantages?


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