Why are you trying to Apple centres maintenance non-affiliate?!

Recently, after the launch of the updated iOS 11.3 appeared some problems in the phones and iPhones that have been repaired and Screen Replacement in the centres maintenance non-Apple where buy users to stop the screen stop responding to touch or give the sensor the lighting looks like a deliberate act from Apple to force users to use the services of its own maintenance!

لماذا تحارب آبل مراكز الصيانة غير التابعة لها ؟!

Why are you trying to Apple centres maintenance non-affiliate?!

Why are you trying to Apple TV maintenance centers for independent?!

It is also known that phones iPhone say the same disable the fingerprint sensor if it has been replaced-party maintenance centers that do not follow the Apple TV, and the stated goal by Apple that they want to protect users and maintain their safety while some say that the primary motivation is to maintain their share of the huge services of repair and maintenance for iPhone and amounting to almost $ 4 billion annually.

And centres maintenance of gas belonging to the Apple TV is a threat to the share of Apple’s profits that derive from services reform, even though a lot of them a good reputation and offers original parts at a lower cost compared to the shops Apple, and maintenance centers approved by us.

The movement of the “right to repair”

The movement of the “right to repair” Right to Repair Movement is a movement with many centres maintenance of independent and aims to support and adopt legislation in a number of U.S. states and other countries to force Apple and smartphone manufacturers to share maintenance information and spare parts and maintenance tools with the owners of phones and maintenance centers to give the user the freedom to repair his phone. I have a side that wants or even yourself.

And Apple this movement type of control up to the degree of hostility with updates to the iOS system and Apple’s hardware is newer that stops almost any piece of work in case of discovery, it is not supported by Apple, which threatens the survival of the centres, the maintenance of the independent and the trust of the user.

Maintenance centers within the Arab world

In the Arab world is scarce and the stores official Apple TV how to maintenance centers approved by Apple is very limited what makes the account on the centres of the maintenance of the independent order of commonplace, and perhaps the Arab user more harm to the resolutions of Apple’s recent.

Currently ask the Apple users who want to repair their phones and head to the Apple Store or one of the maintenance centers affiliate, and may be off the warranty of your phone in case the user decided to fix it outside of that system.

What do you think about in the context of the Apple services Repair and maintenance your iPhone’s?!

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