Why are you so afraid of the intelligence agencies Google Chrome decryption?

Raised the issue of Google Chrome encrypted risk among a number of bodies monitoring the safety of the internet and intelligence agencies, who fear that the move may endanger the safety of children on the internet at risk, critics of the encrypted version of the browser, which is currently available for download and is available for everyone, it may make it difficult for companies to ban harmful substances over the internet where it will override most of the control systems, whether parental or governmental.

It is known that as is the case now, is the Prohibition of harmful substances such as terrorist propaganda and images of child abuse by internet companies through filters that scan the servers names web domain, but in the meantime you will be working a version for Google Chrome encrypted against those actions.

According to the Sunday Times will give talks in May, where they will meet providers of broadband services (including BT, Virgin, Sky and TalkTalk with the National Cyber Security Center, or NCSC) to discuss the risks posed by the encoded version of Chrome.

Other concerns related by Google Chrome encrypted

جوجل كروم المشفر يثير تخوفات الحكوماتGoogle Chrome encrypted raises the concern of governments

Feared intelligence officials and law also be called Chrome new Google to collect more details about the browsing habits of users, which made the government official expressed his concern to the Sunday Times saying: “you will have to Google much more than searches, it will not record the entire browser, this incredible amount of data.

It will also be able to track devices instead of household accounts only, in this framework responded to Google on the charges against her by saying she didn’t do any changes to the default behavior of the browser Chrome.

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