Why are we still not building skyscrapers out of wood?

For many centuries wood was the main material for building houses and other structures. However, in the twentieth century builders began to realize that she does not possess the necessary strength and she has found an alternative in the form of concrete. Despite this, because of its beauty and features to keep you warm, wood is still a valuable material, so if scientists were able to find a way to improve its characteristics, it would build even skyscrapers. According to the newspaper SciTechDaily, biochemists in the English city of Cambridge recently managed to take the first step to create a method of strengthening wood. So as it turns out, soon the corporate offices will be located on wooden skyscrapers?

There are very few wooden skyscrapers

All this time we couldn’t build skyscrapers out of wood due to insufficient strength of the wood material. The fact that to give it greater plotnose, scientists needed to know the exact structure of wood fibers. In particular, the researchers were not able to see the exact location of cylindrical structures called microfibrils. Fortunately, recently bv still managed to develop a method to study the molecular arrangement of the constituent parts of the wood and start working on a way to improve its performance.

How to make solid wood?

To see the smallest details inside the wood, the researchers used so-called low-temperature scanning electron microscopy (Cryo-SEM). Its essence lies in the freezing of the wood at a temperature of -200 degrees Celsius and the microscopic fibers coating the platinum film with a thickness of about three nanometers. Through this approach, the researchers were able to ensure maximum visibility of particles a thousand times thinner than a human hair.

However, it would be better if the people continued to build houses of concrete, for plants in the world remained very little

According to scientists, today the technology of Cryo-SEM is the most powerful tool for the study of the processes occurring in plants. Previously, this wood samples were dried, was heated and subjected to chemical treatment. But even after such manipulations the biochemistry was extremely difficult to study the structure of cells at the microscopic level.

What is the wood?

Thanks to new technology, scientists were able to see microfibril many species of trees. In particular, they were discovered in the structure of Rezhevichi tal (Arabidopsis thaliana), which is often used in scientific works in the field of genetics and molecular biology. Most likely, further study of the structure of the wood will be conducted on the basis of this annual plant.

The Structure Of Rezhevichi Tal

Scientists hope that they will be able to know what role in the education of microfibril play molecules like cellulose, the xylan and lignin. In the future, manipulating these constituent parts of plants, biochemists will be able to change various properties of wood material, including degree of strength. And there, you know, and to the construction of multi-storey buildings of wood nearby.

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The tallest building made of wood

However, the high wooden structures exist even now. One of them is a shopping and residential complex called Mjostarnet, which is located on the territory of the Norwegian city of Brumunddal. The height of this wooden building exceeds 85 feet, which is very impressive figure. But still, this height is negligible compared to the 828-meter skyscraper “Burj Khalifa”, located in the United Arab Emirates.

Photo of the building Mjostarnet

The second record for tallest wooden building is the Australian tower called King 25. Its height is 45 metres.

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