Why are sliders better not to buy

Sliders is not new to the phone market, but not in the case of Android devices. The first Android slider was shown not so long ago, the company Oppo. Since then, manufacturers have introduced many such devices, but all can be traced to the same problems encountered by consumers.


Sliders are highly priced. And this is logical, because the more complex design, more expensive to develop and produce. For example, the slider from Xiaomi, Mi 3 Mix, estimated at 634 USD, making it the most expensive smartphone on the market. Slider Oppo Find X valued at $ 1137, which also makes it an expensive solution.


We are told that the sliders have reliable mechanisms that can withstand thousands of manipulations, but still the risk of breakage of this design is increased in comparison with the conventional apparatus. Fix slider harder and more expensive. If you prefer practicality, it is better to refuse purchase.

Protection from water and dust

While manufacturers have not learned to produce sliders, IP68, and not the fact that such protection will appear in the near future. Today even a mainstream Samsung devices equipped with protection against dust and water, and this is an important factor when choosing a smartphone.

Dimensions and autonomy

This design leads to thickening of smartphones and reduce the size of the battery. As an example, consider Mi Mix 3 and X. Find the Devices have a battery of 3200 mAh and 3730, respectively, the width of the housing Mix 3 — 8.5 mm, and 9.6 mm. Find X when compared to the OnePlus 6T, it appears that 6T is noticeably thinner (8.2 mm) and more Autonomous (3700 mAh).

Sliders have no future

Like the cutouts with the holes in the screen, the sliders are an intermediate option as long as the manufacturers will not begin production of devices with cameras under the display (these smartphones will be available in 2020).

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