Why Apple made a big mistake, removing iPhone sales SE

In September of this year, Apple introduced the latest model of its smartphone — iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. Immediately after the presentation, the company has updated its web site, and was withdrawn from sale beloved iPhone SE. Alas, the latest compact smartphone Apple will soon be history. Let’s see what are the consequences of this step for the company and consumers.

iPhone SE was shown to the public in March 2016, and its price then was $ 349 for a model with storage of 16 GB. In the Russian retail the cost was slightly higher — 37 990 rubles for the same version, due to the high at that time exchange rate. But truly “national” the smartphone has become starting in 2017 and until this very moment, thanks to the greatly reduced price — iPhone SE can be freely purchased at from 16 to 20 thousand rubles.

And it was a really great option for the money. This smartphone has no weak spots, which are characteristic of other devices of the same price category. Powerful and efficient processor, excellent (even by today’s standards) camera, iconic design, developed in the days of Steve jobs. Had no problems and the software component — an impressive stock power guaranteed that the smartphone will get the latest update of iOS for several years.

Presence of the iPhone is a compact smartphone carried only advantages: have consumers had a wide variety of models for every budget. It is obvious that the decision to withdraw sales of the iPhone SE was not entirely true: the device does not interfere with the sales of more expensive models, and given that such a compact format offers none of the competitors, it causes another big misunderstanding.

What is particularly interesting, Apple has not offered a decent alternative to fans of smaller smartphones. Of course, now you can buy the iPhone 7 for relatively little money, but it is not what you need. A logical continuation of the line would be SE iPhone the second generation, but unfortunately the company refused from the initial plans for its release.

Yet iPhone SE you can still buy in retail stores, but will soon be sold out the last remnants — and with them will go forever and the era of the compact Apple.

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