Why altcoins will never disappear? The view Bitcoin-maximalist

Since the alternative cryptocurrency in the past couple of years gaining momentum, opinion leaders in the Bitcoincommunity actively condemn them. Supposed to be only one and that is Bitcoin. Actually some of the so-called “maximalists” go to extremes, calling any supported token blockchain project fraud or Scam.

In a community of Bitcoin enthusiasts entrenched belief that all third-party projects inevitably doomed to failure. This is one of the old blockchain developer, who calls himself “the only left-wing maximalist Bitcoins”, says a radical attitude are unfounded. In his opinion, there will always be at least several cryptocurrencies.

The stock market must not only Bitcoin

Software engineer and a supporter of cryptocurrencies Bryce Weiner said in his Twitter, why not believe in clean and fair Bitcoin maximalism. Prior to that, he earned a great reputation in the industry, so it gladly listen. Weiner believes that from a fundamental point of view, consumers of cryptocurrencies and related technology required more “than able to offer Bitcoin”.

He also noted that from a market point of view BTC not only difficult to mine but also to buy. He probably had in mind a very high complexity of the network and inherent in the dominant coin property means savings.

Thus, the demand for other cryptocurrencies will always exist at least due to the fact that they differ in purpose and characteristics.

Weiner notes that the advantages of altcoins important for less advantaged segments of the population, while the PoW-coin type Bitcoin more focused on the “preferred” holders. One of the factors of demand in society altcoins he believes that they still have not fallen to zero.

The views of Weiner on the market of altcoins type Ethereum and ripple’s completely optimistic. However, this does not mean that Bitcoin in the short term will not be extended again to pull the blanket over himself. More data look at cryptodata.

The actual rate of the coins can be viewed in our class ranking cryptocurrency.

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