Why AirPods 2 needs to be submitted today?

Apple AirPods

That the second generation of wireless headphones Apple AirPods will be presented in the second half of 2018, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said last year. New really to be expected — this is evidenced by the increased interest of people to each leak photos, which often were fake. Edition Digital Trends believes that the new headphones will be presented on 30 October, and even found my assumption four evidence.

The presentation will be held at the Opera house

The event, a major announcement which will be the iPad with a face recognition function, will be held at the Opera house the Howard Gilman at the Brooklyn Academy of music. In it were singer Adele, musician Rufus Wainwright and other stars. Journalists believe that it is the ideal place to tell about the features of the new headphones.

Have AirPods increasing competition

Since the presentation of the first AirPods two years they were announced along with the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2. Since then, the market appeared more attractive headphones with built-in voice assistants, improved sound insulation and even heartbeat sensors. To compete, Apple needs to quickly release an updated version of AirPods.

The Apple chip W1 obsolete

In 2016, it was believed that the AirPods have the best indicator of duration of operation from a single charge — it reached 5 hours. This was achieved through the power system W1, but in 2019 he will have a competitor — chip from Qualcomm. It is reported that, equipped with this chip headphones can work up to 10 hours. Again, Apple needs to hurry up and release 2 AirPods with a twofold increase in the duration of Autonomous operation.

Athletes can opt out AirPods

The headphone AirPods there is one drawback — they are not protected from moisture. Since wireless devices are often used in sports, it’s important to add the Apple new product with the right protection. If this is not done soon, there is a risk of losing some customers.

Whether Apple will present the second generation of AirPods headphones, find out at 17:00 Moscow time. The presentation will be broadcast live on our website.

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