Why a new range of cheap Samsung phones will be a success

Yet no one range of smartphones Samsung we were not expecting so eagerly. Koreans can and must surprise at least, I hope. “I love you,” people used to say it to Xiaomi, but now I came to say the same thing to Koreans.

They finally please us, the long-awaited presentation to the January 28, that is, the event will take place in 5 days. The questions for Samsung’s phones in the budget segment has always been. The main problem of the phones can be called low iron and high price. These problems consumers had to buy Xiaomi smartphone, but now things are changing.

The company will show 3 new phone: Galaxy M10, M20 and M30. The first time Samsung will sell phones only in India and only online, but I hope that they can be further easily buy in Russia or Aliexpress. Galaxy M20 will feature a 6.3-inch LCD display with FHD resolution+, dual camera on 13 and 5 MP, Exynos 7904, 3 GB of RAM, and it will cost only 10,500 rubles in India, which is extremely surprising in the case of Koreans.

We turned to the analyst Eldar Murtazin, who gave comments on the new Galaxy M:

A new budget line for M online and not only that, but this is a more simple apparatus in comparison with the main line. Based on this, Yes, they will be sold in volume. Some devices will be very popular, some less, but still, I would not have believed that the M line will be a key driver of sales, because there are 10s, there are simplified models of A-series with dual designations — that they will sell well.

Of course, if Samsung will sell the device in Russia, many seriously think about buying it at least because the price here is a great iron and flagship appearance with slim framework. In simple words, this is a budget version of the OnePlus 6T with IPS screen for those who have sore eyes when using OLED solutions. Moreover, in comparison with the Xiaomi phones, the company offers software, which obviously worked longer and better.

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