Who supports Ripple? The exposure of the network of bots to create fake promote cryptocurrency

Around Ripple a new scandal is brewing outside surfaced of a scheme involving thousands of bots and fake accounts involved in PAMP coins. “Army of fans” XRP is actually well-organized structure for manipulation of public opinion. Detailed analysis and even a graphic interpretation of the situation was prepared by analyst Jeff Golberg.

The fake investors and fake Pampa

Images of Holberg sight of the massive overlap between subscribers of the most popular accounts in the ecosystem Ripple. A more detailed analysis revealed at least 8000 accounts — the vast majority of which are bots involved in the manipulation of the price of XRP.

Analyst have identified 87 accounts created in 2019 — they are all signed Tiffany Hayden.

Evidence botovodstva right in the screenshot. Some of these accounts have been removed.

Source: Twitter

Golberg, complains that the management of social platform does not interested in the audit of accounts. In fact, even Twitter to a certain extent beneficial to the large number of empty accounts that inflate the service statistics.

Is there anyone alive?

Move from graphs to a more practical study of the Ripple community. Here, it would seem, quite a person that supports the cryptocurrency. Like anything strange.

Source: Twitter

Here is the same account with a slightly different side. A huge number of mentions XRP and other accounts with similar signatures. Of the roughly 1,400 subscribers, the very combination of “XRP” is mentioned at least 1384 times. Registration date — January 2018.

Source: Twitter

Go to YouTube account XRPeuphoria — link in the description.

The channel has several videos, all of them processed with the application Camart. At the video a little more than 600 hits and a whopping 32 comments — very high conversion, isn’t it?

Another fact — in the signature account has eight digits. This combination is characteristic of many of the fake accounts that are assigned to bots. The numbers are most likely generated a specific type of SOFTWARE, created specifically for cheating activity on social platforms.

It seems that now the “army Ripple” goes even creating fake videos. It is unknown whether there was some real person behind the nickname XRPeuphoria.

Part Ripple Labs

Guide Ripple Labs has sold millions XRP tokens with a total value of $ 400 million last year. What was spent is money earned — is unclear. In the Internet there were a few announcements about the grant programs, but 400 million is too much for only one expenditure.

Funds likely went to Fund programs for the manipulation of inexperienced investors. How else can one explain completely serious predictions about what allegedly Ripple will grow to capitalization of 50 trillion dollars. Note, 50 trillion — half the value of world stock market.

See also: Evaluation of values: in Google Chrome there is an extension that is struggling with prejudice in the crypt.

While Ripple Labs remain billions of tokens that could potentially be used to Fund a new “advertising campaigns”. Therefore, to analyze each project must independently, without blind faith in the propaganda of the supporters of those or other cryptocurrencies.

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