Who owns the five richest Bitcoin wallets?

In total, the five richest addresses at the time of writing become lies 2.75 billion dollars at the rate of BTC at $ 4600. The amount is 3.5 percent of the total number of coins. Not surprisingly, all 5 wallets belong to exchanges, their total balance is equal to 592 943 BTC. Deal with each separately.


Binance is considered the world’s largest crypto currency exchange by trading volume. On its cold wallet now lies 141096 BTC, which is equivalent to almost 650 million dollars. It 0,8117 percent of the total supply of BTC.


The second place on volume of BTC is owned cold storage Bitfinex. Currently there lies 138661 BTC worth almost $ 650 million or 0,7977% of all BTC.


Third place goes to Singapore crypto currency exchange Huobi. In her purse are 108135 BTC which is now worth about 500 million. And it 0,622 percent of the total number of bitcoins.


The cold wallet of Bittrex is the fourth number BTC-address, which is stored 107203 BTC. This is slightly more than $ 490 million or 0,6167% of all BTC.


Bitstamp BTC owns 97848 that puts the cold wallet of the exchange to fifth place in the world by number of BTC. In dollar terms, this is about 450 million. A percentage – 0,5629 percent of the total number of coins BTC.

Source: bitcoin.com.au

Who else can be attributed to cryptological

Although it is natural that the richest addresses belong to the wallets of the cryptocurrency exchanges, there are investors who possess impressive amounts.

As written by Bitcoinist, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss in 2013 bought BTC at $ 11 million. You should also highlight Tim Draper, who bought 30 thousand BTC in the auction, the marshals still have Barry Silbert, Roger Ver, Charlie Shrem, and others. At some point in the decree of the government of the United States was more than 144 thousand BTC that were seized from Silk Road.

Once again we will remind what to keep their money in crypto-currency exchanges are dangerous, so keep them in cold wallets. More data look at cryptodata.

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