Who needs AirPods Pro? All

Headphones, even a “truly wireless”, even with noise cancelling and sound transparency – it wants a quarter of a thousand dollars? Really nothing amazing or terrible in this. Maybe, honestly, it’s no Pro – but this is a very good product, almost forgotten “Apple” style. Expensive, great, let the copy and catch up.

Finally real photos, not renderings

Did you know that these “wireless trinkets” Apple earns $ 8 billion a year? About how many dollars, effort and engineering genius, they spent, I don’t know. That’s privileged information, access to which have a very limited circle of people. it is Clear that many, it is clear that less than 8 billion, it is clear that few people in our world willing to make that sacrifice. If AirPods was the product of a separate company, it would occupy position 384 in the Fortune 500, and were located in the list higher than, for example, Motorola Solutions (416 position) or AMD (position 460). In addition, Apple has another reason to do wireless headphones: despite their “expensive” and supposedly “terrible sound quality”, Apple 60% of this market. All those who are cheaper, not worse or even taken together – 40%.

A sequel was inevitable and it happened. Today, 30 October 2019, almost all over the world, start selling AirPods Pro. 2 AirPods from now on – budget model, although it is cheaper this was. And Apple is now almost a large part of the product line refers to the category of Pro: Mac Pro, iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone Pro 11 – and now AirPods Pro. In any case, it is more aesthetically pleasing than 1000X M3 from Sony, and Echo-sounding than the Buds from Amazon. The novelty introduced the day before yesterday, a press release. And judging by the reaction, “hall”, it was right: the hype in the media, without any cost to the Apple happened. Well, they gave several journalists to try the Pro, it’s “pennies.” Everyone enjoyed it. “Button”, however, acknowledged not too comfortable, and is more expensive than new close to level and feature set classmates – but everything else is great. Let’s wait and see.

What’s new in Pro AirPods

Consisting of hardware and software – two headphones and case, which in addition to transport functions, and also performs the function of the charger. It all looks great, what distinguishes the real “Apple” product (zest) is. The chip is the same as in 2 AirPods, Apple H1. One in each ear, a tiny, very economical. Noise reduction systems and controllable sound transparency as well as no one does not surprise Bluetooth 5.0 (correcting his inconsistencies), and much more. The quality of play, in the opinion of professionals in tasting the music is very good. Much better than 2 AirPods, which, to my taste, they’re fine. System sound transparency allows you to hear the world around, making AirPods Pro, at least, acceptable.

The structure and dimensions of the Pinna for each individual. They say that there are no two people with identical geometrical parameters of the hearing – and the fact that comfortably and securely held in the ear of one individual by another will cause discomfort, and the third will have to hold the earphone hands – otherwise it will fall and possibly get lost. The way of the world, nothing can be done. But Apple solved this problem. Complete three versions of tip (ear plugs), different size and shape – though, in almost all cases considered and any homo sapiens will be able to choose the option for themselves. That any – do not believe, but the most typical cases are likely to be taken into account. For a good, powerful and economical Apple H1 would have, at the moment when it is inserted into the thirsty ear music, to scan space and measures (somewhere to grow, somewhere on the contrary) – but I speak maliciously, sorry. $ 250 for some earplugs? And why not – no one is forced to buy AirPods Pro.

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About the accelerometers and optical sensors you already know – they are the same as in 2 AirPods. Pro is in no way inferior to its “Amateur” counterparts. Just as easily and just, pardon the expression, “mates” with the iOS device, the case also supports the “power Qi,” that is compatible with wireless chargers of the Qi standard, supplied with three tips-plug still adapter Lightning to USB C, the same two microphones. The same battery, while the noise suppression can withstand 4.5 hours of work, and when switched off – the same 5 hours and 2 AirPods.

So AirPods Pro look in the ears

Why buy a new AirPods

It all began in December of 2016, when the first AirPods model blew up the market. What is not only accused in shamelessly overpriced, in terrible design (on taste and color, as you know, not throw the handkerchief), the inconvenience, the infliction of harm to health, environment and public morality, that they will immediately lose their (no matter what) would be sorry – but, apparently, Apple still have people capable of amazing accuracy to guess what people would want from such devices, as well as when and how much they would be willing to pay for it. By the way, in 2016 and 2017 AirPods were not the most expensive in its class enemies slandered them, that has not prevented their triumphant success.

AirPods was not without flaws, but stood out from the competition with something so very “Apple”. In the mid-90s, when the deadly disease, the company has already started to kill her, one of my colleagues has called this property an inanimate (like) objects “highlight”. Here nobody knows what it is, no one can explain the essence of it – but others do not, and the same Newton MessagePad or even flammable PowerBook 5300 (nicknamed “Hindenburg”) it is. The recipe for the “highlights” are known: sparing neither time nor effort not to stop the search for even better solutions-even if everything seems to be perfect, and do not put up with even the most minor problems, trying to solve them. No magic, expensive and exhausting – few people capable of it. Future managers learn two key skills: to be able to ask people, and under no circumstances not allow them to spend time and money on such “who knows what”.

The fate of the newborn is unknown, if he will confirm the high status of Apple in this segment of the market or this status will be lost – find out in January when the results will be announced holiday quarter. I wish a newborn good luck, in it something is and it is clearly not hopeless.

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