Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

“Satoshi Nakamoto” is a pseudonym, a specially crafted name to hide the identity of the author. But in 2008 someone-or a group of people used that name to publish a document entitled “Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash”. January 3, 2009 Satoshi nominal block Genesis, a few days before the release of Bitcoin v0.1.0 the world. For this he received 50 BTC that went to the first public address (1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7Divfna). People continue to send bitcoins to that address. For example, a week ago someone sent a 0.5 BTC (about $ 4,000).

Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to be “the Creator of Bitcoin” and probably is. Bitcoin was born in the software, which was based on a whitepaper of Bitcoin, that is the document that is published Nakamoto. But who is Satoshi?

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto really is?

We never managed to track down who is behind this pseudonym, the identity of flesh and blood or the syndicate. It is believed that in addition to the 60 bitcoins, lying on the address owned by Satoshi, there may be a million more of those. If true, this fact alone would be enough to preserve anonymity.

Satoshi Nakamoto managed account in the social network, which he founded — Bitcointalk. His last entry was posted at 18:22, 12 December 2010. “Added some DoS limits, removed safe mode (0.3.19)”. Then there are the technical changes and the link to the latest build of the Bitcoin Protocol. The last time Satoshi went to 16:45 the next day.

And never came back.

Notes Satoshi as on the Bitcointalk forums, and in correspondence with other members of the forum, there are several pointers to the individual — but they are very controversial. For example, date of birth Nakamoto indicated on April 5, 1975. But upon further examination it appears that this date is important for several reasons associated with gold. April 5, 1933 Franklin Roosevelt signed some decrees which forbade citizens of the United States to mine gold on their own. This decision was overturned in 1975.

Satoshi is also credited to the Japanese, largely because of his name. But his command of the English language colloquial expression, uncharacteristic for a foreigner, put him belonging to the land of the rising sun questioned.

For a moment Satoshi Nakamoto appeared on 7 Mar 2014 in the forum thread P2PFoundation, it’s five years earlier and is based. And wrote:

“I am not Dorian Nakamoto”

Wait a minute… who is this Dorian Nakamoto?

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is an American with Japanese roots, which Newsweek falsely identified as the true Satoshi Nakamoto in March of 2014. For all the hype and admiration from the true Bitcoin Creator Dorian did not connect anything, except for the name. Part of the journalists misunderstood Dorian Nakamoto:

“I can’t do this anymore and can’t discuss. He shared with others. They do. I’m no longer involved”.

Was, Dorian felt that his questioning for the previous secret work he was doing for the military as a contractor.

Dorian Nakamoto is not the only person who was mistaken for the real Satoshi. Pioneers of cryptography like Hal Finney and nick Szabo, probably much more suited to the role of Creator of Bitcoin, not least because of its proximity to the movement citropram and knowledge in this area.

They both calmly denied any involvement in the acts of Satoshi.

The funny thing is that although most people deny a possible link with Satoshi, one person in particular makes exactly the opposite.

Craig Wright — Satoshi Nakamoto?

Meet: Craig Wright, an Australian scientist and businessman.

“This guy either invented Bitcoin, either he is a brilliant hoaxer who wants us to believe it” — so wrote about him in Wired magazine in 2015.

Honestly, PR Wright does not want. It can say a lot about what he said; then took it back; said that he was Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the main story of Wright is that he invented Bitcoin, along with his now deceased colleague David Kleiman. Supposedly, they were Satoshi Nakamoto.

Several times Wright had promised to give evidence before either abandon them, or provide something considerably less than proof. One of his last performances took place in may 2016, where he again promised to provide irrefutable evidence that he was Satoshi Nakamoto. He had to make a transaction, having the private key, which belonged to Satoshi. It would be a good proof. But he did not because he said the following:

“I thought I could do it. I thought I would be able to leave behind the years of anonymity. But so far was this week and I was preparing to provide proof of access to the first key, I broke. I no longer have the stomach for it. I can’t… I can only apologise. And goodbye”.


Elon Musk Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Who else could be the real Satoshi Nakamoto? Not so long ago received a suggestion that this may be Elon Musk. In part, this may be true. But the Musk is so vehemently deny its similarity with Nakamoto that he could believe. He even said that he had lost a few bitcoins that he once sent a friend!

Some have suggested that Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym, used “big government”. Like the NSA in the US and MI6 in the UK. But these theories no evidence. There is a long documented trail left sifrovanie, who developed and participated in the development of many decentralized currencies. But Bitcoin is not just decentralized, but also has limited issue. Therefore, the government can’t control its reserves. Also it is a global currency, with no benefit to any particular government. It’s inherently anti-government and protivosudorozhnogo currency.

And with all this, the inventor of Bitcoin, grandpa, “the truth machine”, which is called bloccano remains a mysterious character. Whether it be a single person or group ripropongo, no one will argue with the fact that ignorance of the true figure, which brings us to the era of truth — in Finance, politics and other areas — at the same time ironic and poetic. Iconic film: the man who gave the world the transparency in the most opaque spheres, wished to remain anonymous. This is the essence of decentralization.

From Satoshi Nakamoto has no face, but he does not need.

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