Who is behind the targeting of anti-doping agencies prior to the Tokyo Olympics 2020

The company issued Microsoft A Warning warns of a new wave of cyber attacks high targeting heavily by a group of hackers who are sponsored by the Russian state who are trying to breakthrough more than a dozen of bodies of anti-doping and sports organizations around the world.

While the Japanese capital Tokyo in the next year to host the Summer Olympic Games 2020, it is incumbent upon Japan to continue cyber attacks evolving, especially from the Pirates of the internet who have the care of the state.

These attacks come from the hacking group Russian Strontium, known widely as Fancy Bear or APT28, and believes it is linked to making the Olympic Summer of 2020 base in Tokyo.

It is believed that the hacking group Fancy Bear, also known as APT28 and Sofacy and X-agent and Sednit and Sandworm and the Pawn Storm, The Associated agency and the military intelligence of the Russian GRU working since at least 2007.

And the name of this group during the past three decades many of the hacking incidents, such as penetrating the U.S. presidential election to influence the results, and to target countries through the virus ransom NotPetya, causing a power outage in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, came out of the Pentagon.

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According to the company Microsoft has launched the latest cyber attacks on the 16th of September, so after that I found the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) irregularities in the base data National Laboratory of the Russian anti-doping, warning that Russian athletes could face a ban from competition in Olympics 2020 Tokyo Summer.

Andsaid center of the threats belonging to the Microsoft: some of the cyber attacks, the mission was successful, but the majority did not succeed, the company informed the affected products and has worked with some secure accounts or systems at risk.

Microsoft has confirmed that a hacking group Fancy Bear consumed at least 16 sports organization and international anti-doping in the three continents, but she did not reveal her identity.

And broke the hacking methods which used Fancy Bear in the last campaign, including phishing and exploit the devices connected to the internet and use all of the malware open source and custom software.

Although these techniques are very well known and not new, it’s clear that they have proved effective in cyber attacks previous Fancy Bear against governments and armies, think tanks, law firms, human rights organizations, and financial companies and universities all over the world.

Recall that this is not the first targeting Pirates Fancy Bear Anti-Doping Organizations, as they swarm the group data of athletes the speed of the World Anti-Doping Agency in response to the adoption agency in 2016 similar action against Russian athletes during the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Has also been accused of hacking group the implementation of similar attacks sponsored by the state during the Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018, which was held in South Korea, through the use of the software harmful named Olympic Destroyer in order to give the young official Winter Games.

Although the malicious third did not give a live broadcast during the opening ceremony, they have succeeded in disrupting the official website of the Winter Games for 12 hours, and the collapse of services in the wireless network in the stadium Pyeongchang Olympic, The failure of TV and internet in the main press centre.

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