Who created the Android kernel?

As you know, Android is based on Linux kernel. The kernel is an important part of the operating system. It is the Foundation and is responsible for the interaction of software with hardware. In the nucleus defines all the basic principles of operating system the key is its interaction with iron. But who is an indirect Creator of Android as a Linux distribution?

It is Linus Torvalds. Linus was born near St. Petersburg in Finland. In 1988 he enrolled in the University of Helsinki, he completed it in 1996 and received the title of master of Cybernetics.

In 1981, the grandfather of Linus introduced his grandson with a computer “Commodore VIC-20”, then Linus got interested in programming, he began to read the different computer magazines and write their first programmes in the languages of low-level Basic and Assembler. Today, these languages have become obsolete and rarely used.

Linus was a good student, which allowed him the proceeds from the scholarship funds to purchase computers “Sinclair QL”, at that time a computer cost about 2 thousand dollars. A major boost in creating its own operating system has made book reading scientist Andrew Tanenbaum “Operating systems: design and implementation”. The book describes the creation of Minix UNIX. After buying a new computer based on the 386 processor Linus decided to install Minix and have noticed a number of shortcomings.

After this, Linus began slowly to modify the operating system, adding new features. Improvements were so many that the system could be called brand new. 17 September 1991 Linus released the source code of the program, the system became widely known throughout the world, after which it was decided to name in honor of Linus — Linux.

In the Linux kernel only 2% of the code written by Torvalds. The rest of the code is a contribution of the community in the development of the system. The second main product of Linus is a system version control program Git. Currently, there is a world of programmers who have not used Git when writing applications.

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