Who could be Satoshi Nakamoto? Version early Bitcoin enthusiast

Jeff garzik’s spinning in Cryptoprotected since 2010, that’s when he read about Bitcoin in some blog. Writing a bit of code to the kernel crypto-currencies, he soon became the third largest investor in Bitcoin after Satoshi Nakamoto and Gavin Andresen. According to garzik’s, currency was not quite what he expected. But he’s still happy with the result, and significantly. For seven years gave developers 15678 BTC as a reward for the work. At the current price of coins is equivalent to $ 100 million.

He also notes that while we don’t use bitcoin for everyday payments, as wanted Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Jeff coin satisfied, and as a means of savings.

The real Satoshi Nakamoto, get out in the world

Garzik’s a long time worked closely with Nakamoto, albeit only through the Internet. He now ponders who it could be. According to Jeff, the most likely contender for the role of Satoshi is now deceased computer security expert Dave Kleiman. The man lived in Florida.

Behind the code of Bitcoin was unprecedented smart man, but he was not a classic engineer with education. Dave was self-taught and we can make some conclusions on the coding style.

After a motorcycle accident Kleiman was confined to a wheelchair and in 2013, died from a staph infection. It is noteworthy that brother Kleiman sued the Australian Craig Wright, who continually calls himself a real Satoshi Nakamoto. Ira Kleiman argues that Wright in collaboration with Dave Kleiman took over 1.1 million BTC and intellectual property of his brother.

According to the lawsuit, in 2011, Kleiman and Wright founded the company W&K Info Defense Research LLC on equal terms. At some point the company was 1.1 million bitcoins. At the moment, 50 per cent Kleiman would have amounted to more than $ 5 billion. More data look at cryptodata.

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