White sharks gather annually in groups off the coast of Australia, but it is unclear why

We all love at least once a week to meet friends. Think sharks are also not averse to forget about hunting and once a year to see old friends. At least, this is evidenced by the observation Australian scientists who for several years notice the accumulation of white sharks near the Neptune Islands. At the moment researchers are unable to explain the unusual phenomenon, because predatory fish are not group hunt, and not even any signs of breeding. During observations, however, it was noticed very suspicious behavior of underwater killers. Think sharks are up to something?

White sharks are considered one of the most dangerous predatory fish

Neptuno Islands located throughout South Australia and have the status of a marine reserve. In the already distant year 2010, the researchers began to notice that this place is the meeting place of the same individuals of white sharks. For many years, scientists have photographed each of the predator and ultimately made more than 270,000 images. Thanks to the staff, the scientists were able to literally put a name to many individuals and notice that they visit Australia for several years.

Why the white sharks gather in groups?

For the period from 2010 to 2014, the researchers were able to memorize 282 specimens of white sharks. To their surprise, 101 individual arrived at the gathering place more than five times. In total sharks formed near the Islands of four clusters. Two groups were mainly formed in winter time and consisted of males and females. The other two concentrations met in the spring and summer, but consisted only of males. The amazing thing is that 12 species of sharks have met too often, so the crossing can hardly be considered as accidental. To understand why underwater predators to form such groups, scientists still can not.

Mouth white sharks grow more than 300 teeth

One could say that sharks gather in groups close to Australia to hunt for seals. The fact that in the winter off the coast of the Neptune Islands breed huge colonies of sea lions. Their cubs are sharks easy and nutritious prey, so it is no surprise that in winter the number of predatory fish in these waters increases dramatically. Only now I wonder one thing — why the sharks are going even in the summer, when for them there is no almost no food?

How smart are sharks?

Here’s what confuses scientists. There is a small probability that these appointments of females and males somehow associated with marriage period. However, check it at the moment difficult because researchers have very little information about the reproduction of white sharks. So they have a lot of work, because the accumulation of predatory fish obviously arise with an ulterior motive.

Did you know that sharks can live up to 512 years?

However, it can also be that sharks are not smart enough, as stated in one of our previous materials. It really can be that underwater predators simply can’t understand when exactly they expect the breeding seals. In this regard, they can from time to time arrive at the place of feeding and hope for the abundance of nutritious food.

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Finally I want to recommend the documentary “Great white shark” from the BBC. In this naturalist Michael Rutzen tells about the life of underwater predators and assures that they are reasonable and cautious animals.

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