White flag: SV team Bitcoin conceded defeat in the “war of Harrachov”

Hardwork Bitcoin in August of 2017 has created a lot of conflicts in cryptocommunist. Emerged into the light Bitcoin Cash some called useless Aldona, others “the real Bitcoin”. However, the division circuit the Bitcoin Cash was the beginning of a much bigger confrontation in the history of cryptocurrency.

Fortunately, the fight almost came to an end. Team Bitcoin SV failed in the fight against Bitcoin ABC and suffered huge losses is actually wasted. Now the main fork associates want to end the “war of Harrachov” and declare a truce.

Bitcoin ABC won

This time the struggle was waged for the status of “official successor” of Bitcoin Cash. BCHSV led by Craig Wright promoted as the only alternative to the old original block chain BCH. However, this alternative did not recruit a sufficient number of associates, and eventually Bitcoin SV lost the competition for the longest blockchain.

It seems that Bitcoin and SV understand the senselessness of continuing the “war”. Yesterday, the billionaire and the official leader BCHSV Calvin Eyre announced the surrender in the post on the website Coingeek. He said that Bitcoin SV will no longer attempt to take the name Bitcoin Cash. Instead, a blockchain fork will continue to exist separately and to position itself as an independent cryptocurrency.

To recognize himself as an outsider no one likes, so the air sees the events as a positive sign for further work on a fork.

We have a clear plan and we are ready to implement it. Our definition of victory — is the continued existence of SV, what exactly don’t want Bitcoin ABC. Now, we are working on improving the ecosystem of your project.

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Recall hardwork Bitcoin Cash has become one of the causes of instability and further decline of the market. Before the procedure the price althena rose sharply, but then rolled into the abyss for the rest of the coins. The result of the capitalization of the stock market disappeared more than 50 billion dollars in a matter of days.

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