Whichever is the best choice between hearing my Beats Powerbeats Pro and AirPods for?

Provided the Apple recently the new generation of wireless headsets AirPods, also launched a sign Apple commercial Beats released new headphones wireless Beats Powerbeats Pro, where the both versions in some nurses, while different, both in the specification of the other, and in the following lines we use the specification of the heavens to let you choose the version best for you.

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Specification which is consistent both hear my Beats Powerbeats Pro and AirPods

  • Each fish two chip processor H1, as it supports rapid communication with the devices Apple
  • Technical realization and recognition on the ear side of the used
  • Supports all the Fish Two use one side or both sides with
  • Supports clear two ordering assistant Siri digital contact on iOS devices
  • Supports both receiving voice calls

Supports chip H1 in all of the hear my Beats Powerbeats Pro and AirPods feature speed dial adjust quick settings with devices Apple, it also works all of the headphones Beats Powerbeats Pro and AirPods to recognize the existence of Apple is to open your portfolio with.

Also supports all of Heaven two call and adjust settings after clicking once to then seamlessly with Apple where is the authentication via the Apple ID of the user on the Apple device.

Come fish the two also had the advantage of temporary employment for operation when disarming the sky from the ear, and then can continue running when you put the fish again, and you can also wear the set on one side of the sky or the with in the sky of the two, and supports both Siri can also answer and receive calls directly through the headset without having to touch the phone in the beginning.

Beats Powerbeats Pro vs Apple AirPods

The differences between hear my Beats Powerbeats Pro and AirPods

  • Rate hear my Beats Powerbeats Pro and AirPods

The starting price headset Apple wireless AirPods from $ 159 with a portfolio of conventional charging, while the price reaches $ 199 with a portfolio of wireless charging, also scheduled to hear the Powerbeats Pro Wireless Beats at a price of $ 220 is almost at its launch markets next month.

  • Design

Vary the design of each of the hear my Beats Powerbeats Pro and AirPods in full, featuring the headphone Powerbeats Pro design and sporty as it comes clear of the problem of the ear to firmness the fish well with the different motion of the user, also supports the clamp pressure according to the convenience of the user.

Also come hear the Powerbeats Pro controls to control playback level of audio through the button that comes in the sky with the Beats.

By Come hear the AirPods with compact design also extends to the design of the sky to the bottom, also does not include headset physical controls to control playback or the level of phonetics, where you can control audio via the connected device.

  • Colors

Offer Apple headset AirPods wireless only in white, while providing the Beats headset Powerbeats Pro Wireless four choices in colors are blue, black, green along with white, black color in the month of May is Come other colors later in the summer of this year.

  • Feature resistance to sweating

Did not confirm the Apple on the feature resistance to sweating in the hear of the AirPods wireless it only supports the user well when you wear while jogging, for example, from the other side of come headset Powerbeats Pro design with waterproof and compatible with, only that the Beats did not specify the criteria for the IP handset.

  • The capacity of the battery

Supports the second generation of the headset AirPods charging time up to 3 hours of talk in voice calls, or 5 hours of listening, while the age of the shipping in-ear Powerbeats Pro to 9 hours.

And the clipboard in all the fish of two age shipping longer up to 24 hours of listening, and every case of freight across the cable Lightning, while for the AirPods choose the last in the portfolio of wireless, but with a higher price.

  • Reject calls

The user can click on any side of the headset Powerbeats Pro to raise and receive calls which is a feature not available in headset, Apple AirPods, also the user can click on the logo of the b in-ear Powerbeats Pro to continue to play music without being interrupted operating.

  • Conclusion

All of the headphones Beats Powerbeats Pro and AirPods in a lot of specifications, where each feature two speakers the possibility to adjust the settings and quickly with the Apple.

Come hear the Powerbeats Pro-level pricing is higher than headset, Apple AirPods particular issue Apple representative portfolio of traditional which is the price difference between all the fish protein.

On the other hand, offer the headphone Powerbeats Pro controls a physical address in a clear and level voice, as it comes to designing waterproof and, with longer battery life its more in colors.

So is the headset Apple AirPods choose a distinctive design and is great for those who prefer the design of the Apple headphones wireless, only to hear the Powerbeats Pro is the best choice for those looking for a wireless headset for sports, with the distinctive design also.


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