Which phone would work best selfie? Not on the iPhone

The opinion of specialists DxOMark remains the most authoritative when it comes to cameras smartphones. For example, last year experts have conducted testing cameras iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and awarded them second place for the quality of photo and video. Smartphones lost only Huawei P20 Pro system triple cameras. But DxOMark has decided not to confine himself to the basic cameras phones and ranked the smartphones with best front facing cameras.

Took part in the evaluation smartphones Intex Aqua Selfie, Meitu V6, iPhone X and XS Max, Huawei P20 M20 Pro and Pro, Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 Plus and Note 9, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 and Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix. The best selfie, as it turned out, work on the Pixel Google 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the experts noted the high quality of both photo and video. The first and second scored 92 points. iPhone Max XS c 82 points gave fourth place, and iPhone X (71) this time he closed the top ten. And this despite the fact that this smartphone will soon be two years.

Experts say that iPhone camera iPhone XS and XS Max was completely identical. Accordingly, all the above is true for both models. Lack they Tole General detail in low lighting conditions.

Often when consumers want to buy smartphone with good camera turn to DxOMark. On the website of the company published tests of cameras of various smartphones. Each unit gets 3 rating: for quality photos, videos, and the total score.

Lately DxOMark is often accused of bias tests. For example, Huawei P20 Pro makes an excellent night shots, but need to wait a few seconds to get the photo. In addition, manufacturers can purchase DxOMark Analyzer, which produces tests of cameras of smartphones, and can be prepared in advance for all inspections. Their distrust of the system tests shared AppleInsider.ru known Instagram photographer Cory Staudacher that makes the most shots on your iPhone:

When comparing smartphone cameras, just not enough to do a couple of the same shots and run them through synthetic tests. In various conditions the camera the same iPhone behaves differently, and some may consider this an advantage, others a disadvantage. Testing fotosposobom phone it takes me a few months, and so far the best was the iPhone XS Max. Although your white iPhone 5 is also not forgotten, with the landscapes he copes, if “throw” a filter from VSCO.

Why blindly rely on the ratings not necessary — nobody will be able to decide which camera is better. Especially if we are talking about the front here, something to hide, a lot depends on the “model”. Which phone is best “frontalka” in your opinion? Write in our Telegram chat.

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