Which Android apps consume the most energy

Experts of antivirus company Avast has compiled a list of ten Android apps that consume the most energy in the background. Surprisingly, among them was utility whose main purpose is to optimize background processes for enhancing the autonomy of the device.

The least energy efficient application, led a top, experts Avast utility called the Samsung AllShare interface between proprietary devices. This application, as well as those that took second and third places in the list respectively, installed by default on all Android smartphones from Samsung.

Among the least energy-efficient applications that consume battery in the background, also included a customer Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Maps (obviously because of the constant tracking), China’s WeChat messenger, Outlook from Microsoft and others.

Was also compiled a similar list consisting of applications that inefficiently consume the battery during the activity. First and second place was again occupied brand title Samsung: barcode scanner and player software WatchON. Them in descending order followed by Netflix, Snapchat, Line messenger and a number of unpopular in Russia, utilities and applications of cleaners.

To discuss the most ineffective from the point of view of power consumption of the application in the official Telegram chat AndroidInsider.ru.

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