Where to spend a billion dollars? Meets Apple

There are many ways to spend money from the really useful to extremely mediocre. But Apple always was famous for ability to keep records of their finances, decided to build another campus in North Austin, Texas. Its construction will cost just a billion dollars, though far from the cost of the California-based Apple Park, but still a lot. The campus will create additional jobs thereby helping the company increase its influence.

“Apple is proud of its investment and creation of jobs and new opportunities [for Americans] in many cities of the United States, said CEO Tim cook. — We are pleased to announce a significant expansion of cooperation with the city of Austin and its population. Talent, creativity, and breakthrough ideas of tomorrow should not be restricted by region or postcode and expanding, we are doubly reaffirm our commitment to the development of high-tech sector and create jobs across the country”.

New Apple Park?

According to representatives Apple, the new campus will be located about a kilometer from the existing office of the company, occupying 50 acres of land. Due to the huge size of the building it will be able to place many important departments and laboratories, creating a further no less than 5,000 jobs and opening new opportunities for professional and personal development for talented Americans.

But Cupertino’s not going to stop at only one campus. According to representatives of the company in the next five years Apple is planning to open a new headquarters in Seattle, San Diego and CULVER city, as well as to expand its presence in new York, Pittsburgh, Boston and other US cities. This expansion will allow the company to create another 20 000 jobs, increasing the total number of employees to 110 000 people, and become one of the largest employers in the country.

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