Where to invest: the three best coins for investment this summer

Bitcoin and altcoins have experienced hard times. The market correction is likely “destroyed” newcomers, according to Bitcoinist. Now the main cryptocurrency begins the process of accumulation, and on the horizon looms more encouraging news.

Cryptocurrency in a sea of blood

Open the portfolio and look at the blushing of the coin – the pleasure is not pleasant. This can be even used over the past six months. The sharp rise in altcoins in 2017 seems fantastic, because the stock market was blown away by at least 60 percent.

Right? Depends on your point of view. Correction is a healthy reaction of the market, especially if the asset grows by hundreds of percent and then rolls back the entire half. Nobody said that the crypt is simple. The title of the risky asset got Bitcoin and Aldona for a reason.

And yet the volatility of digital assets can reap huge profits. This week three of the cryptocurrencies and the one ICO deserve attention. Credits (CS), Ambrosus (AMB), Odyssey (OCN) and Fantom have good prerequisites for growth in the medium term.

The projects will be run mainnet and airdrop. According to journalists, in the Fantom you have to invest for one simple reason – in difficult market conditions, team ICO with ease collected hardcap.

The launch of the core network Ambrosus

According to the web page of the project “IoT network based on the blockchain for the food and pharmaceutical industry.” Thanks Ambrosus companies will be able to store data in distributed databases with complete protection and transparency. Simply put, Ambrosus gives the ability to capture all aspects of medical devices in the blockchain.

Why AMB should pay attention? The project is finalizing its platform for logistics support companies. Blockchain AMB will be used to track equipment, recording the feedback of consumers, data analysis, sensors and insurance.

According to Coinmarketcap, Ambrosus has a capitalization of $ 43 million dollars and is trading around 30 cents per coin. Start mannata cryptocurrency scheduled for early July and a release date will take place in the next week.

Airdrop OCP for holders Odyssey

Project Odyssey is releasing a new token through the OCP airdrop. The purpose of OCN is to create a next generation economy-based p2p-systems. Odyssey may rise slightly on the news about the free distribution of tokens.

The principle of distribution of the new coins based on the number of OCN, which is owned by holder. The more you had the Odyssey, the more you will get OCP on your wallet. The distribution of tokens will occur in several stages to avoid a sudden drain rates.

Capitalization of OCN–, $ 39 million at a price of 0.008 of a dollar for one coin. Until the end of August Odyssey price may go up. 31 Aug scheduled the first round of airdrop.

The launch of the core network Credits

Project Credits aimed at creating an open platform with Autonomous smartcontract and the internal token. A cryptocurrency created for the development of services with the launch of smartcontract on the public register. The principle work Credits sounds promising, but still remains theoretical until the launch of the core network. In the next month you will be convinced of the usefulness of CS.

As practice shows, coin news about the launch of mannata pumpout. To Credits in the medium term you can look at. Now the cryptocurrency is trading around 0.30 dollar in the capitalization of 42 million.

The best ICO – Fantom

ICO Fantom achieved your goal of crowdfunding, despite a falling market. Community project in the Telegram consists of 45,000 active members. Team Fantom promises to reduce the fee for each transaction to 10 cents, regardless of its value.

What makes Fantom unique is the lack of the concept of traditional blockchain. Instead, the project uses OPERA Chain, which asynchronously handles events without the right to change the previously confirmed transaction.

Fantom has very ambitious goals and a strong team. Project controls EN Byung, a PhD in computer science from Yonsei University in South Korea. Other team members also have a strong scientific basis and are interested in the development of the blockchain. Krausel Fantom has been completed. The project is worth a purchase immediately after listing on the stock exchanges.

We remind you that the above information is not financial advice. Any attachments do only after conducting their own research and in its sole discretion.

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