Where to buy cryptocurrency? Create an account on the exchange Cryptopia and buy Vivo

Cryptocurrency market is stuck in a hole and is not in a hurry to get out. If you don’t count holla, in this situation we see two possibilities. You can experiment with setkeyname and hope for the pump or cause coins to work for themselves with the same masternode. In both cases, useful exchange. Today get acquainted with Cryptopia.

Cryptocurrency exchanges. What is Cryptobia

Cryptopia new Zealand project, what becomes clear immediately after getting on the main. You can see a lot of reduction in NZ, which is New Zealand. In addition, the site is on an appropriate domain co.nz.

Cryptobia know a huge amount of trading pairs, which number in the hundreds. In addition, the resource works with rare coins, so they often use fans to take a chance on a little-known projects.

However, the area is small. According to CoinMarketCap, the last day through Cryptopia it took less than $ 8 million.

For comparison, the giant Binance, this figure exceeds $ 1.5 billion.

Check on Cryptopia

The registration button located in the upper right corner. It’s simple: come up with a user name, update email address and enter the password.

To complete the procedure activate the account on the link that comes in the mail.

Then the case for small. Pluggable two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator and increase account security to the maximum. Scammers do not get to the contents of the purse without your smartphone.

It looks like the office. Immediately notice the daily limit of $ 5,000 new Zealand dollars. In terms of the usual get about 3500 bucks. To improve restrictions confirm the identity papers.

How to buy Bitcoin

Exchange not working with Fiat, so to replenish the desired cryptocurrency. To purchase there are a million ways — choose any. If you want to have reliable and tested, use the Telegram-bot. Read his review via this link. With him buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Cash, Bitcoin and other coins.

To recharge select the coin Deposit. A second later get a QR code to transfer and the address. Just below the developers remind you that on mine the address Cryptopia is a bad idea. This only applies to old P2P pools, which for a long time nobody saw. When you go to our mining pool 2Miners, you can forget about it.

Send your coin and wait for the transaction. Check the crypt in the section “Balances”.

How to buy VIVO $PAC and other coins

Penny came. Will test them on the purchase VIVO. Return to home and enter VIVO in the search menu. As we buy bitcoins, the tab is not switched.

The exchange will show what is happening on the market a pair of VIVO/BTC. Graphs of price change, the value of the coin in the open market and so on. Left bottom buying, bottom right. Alas, the minimum operation starts with 0.0005 BTC, so dokidyvaesh a couple of cents.

Seller looking for in the list of sell orders. Choose the top — he’s got the best price. Click on the trader, and the exchange automatically fills in the purchase requisition.

You can also click on the available balance on the purse in the upper right corner.

The notification comes immediately.

Operation successful — the purse appeared 6,5 coins VIVO. With other coins doing the same.

The awe of his talent trader overshadows the eyes. What to do with a new cryptocurrency to be solved independently. Can hadlich and send stocks VIVO in masternode on 2Masternodes. Today, the ROI of the coin is 96,47%. This means that at constant conditions and the course a year later, after investing $ 1,000 will receive top-964 bucks. While the rate may grow.

Read more about the work of mastered read in this article. To enrich knowledge also in the Telegram chat 2Masternodes.

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