Where the blockchain? The view Bitcoin optimist Tom Lee

Co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee is a very optimistic vision of the future of the blockchain. In his opinion, the technology will soon be widely used in the Finance and gaming industry. His thoughts he shared in an interview with NullTX.

Why do we need the blockchain

On the question about the state of the stock market did briefly summed up the current situation with Bitcoin.

This year has been difficult for the cryptocurrency. I think now it’s too late to wait for the new lower rates, as there Bitcoin have a lot of positive fundamental factors. In a typical bear market, falling demand for the asset, but the demand for Bitcoin is growing all the time. We should wait for the development Bakkt and news about ETFs.

It is noteworthy that the blockchain can put on a good display in a couple of very developed niches.

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain can become essential for companies who deal with international business and money conversion world currency. The crypt can also replace a centralized corporations, the functioning of which rests only on pure faith in their well-being.

While Lee considers blockchain the future of gaming and eSports.

Once Facebook had its own tokens. Not on the blockchain, of course. With their help, it is much easier to set prices, rather than have to deal with several currencies. This is why decentralized cryptocurrency can obtain large recognition among gamers of different categories.

Recall, Whether for a long time speaks about a new bullish trend of Bitcoin. According to the analyst, the cryptocurrency needs to seriously grow to the end of the year.

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