Where are the Saudi game.. half days or days?!

If you are in the stadium you will find that the goalkeeper of Saudi Arabia on the one hand the right in the first half and not the left as most of the ducts

Landry is a new technique or is there something wrong, I follow yesterday’s game between Saudi Arabia and Germany’s clamor the need to determine the destination of the pitch , are the Saudi game from the right field or left. Of continued early through me that sport will make Saudi Arabia the right of the pitch and the cabin and to the left.

While the game continued through other channels. will find that the first was to Saudi Arabia on the left !!
The cameras are the same, and the direction is the same and the exit of the players to the dressing rooms are the same !! Even channels my OTA q which transported me to the sport transfer the image of the mg did not broadcast his beIN. of!?

The goal the Germans first came in sight of the Saudi to the right and not the left.

As I don’t pick up the idea that I was to or up .. and we’ll watch the World Cup matches this difference between the channels we don’t know the attack is going in any direction.

So if you dear readers are aware of the names of this difference in broadcast .. please contribute in the comments.

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