Where are the files that have been downloaded on Android phones is?

Is Phones Android perfect in working and easy in use, because the choices always clear, and it is easy to identify by their use, but there remain some subtleties to the users, such as the location of files that have been downloaded on Android phones, and illustrate the following lines, the whereabouts of the files that are being downloaded on Android, in two ways.

The first way

From the File Manager application is easy to get the downloaded files, File Manager “manager app” you’ll find some of the Android phones, and called another phone , the Samsung ” My Files”, and in the phones pixels you’ll find him as ” Files”.

Regardless of the name of the app you’ll find inside the Downloads folder “DOWNLOAD”, here you will find everything you are looking for files that have been downloaded.

أين توجد الملفات التي يتم تحميلها على هواتف الأندرويد؟Where are the files that are downloaded to Android phones is?

The arrangement of the existing files, you’ll find it according to order time to replace the download of the latest uploaded to oldest, and you can change the sorting method through:

  • Phone Samsung click on the icon Three points and, through them, select the sorting method.
  • The phone’s pixel resolution clicking on “Edit”, and through it would be easy to change the sorting of the files.

Then find the file replace download have to open it by pressing on it with a single click, and in the case of the desire to transfer his or other options are open by long press on the file will provide options you get to choose from.

The second way

How to find downloaded files on Android through the application of ” Google”?, the Known known as the “file move” and it’s easy to download it from the store, “Play”, to be an alternative method of the file manager, which is of the easiest application that helps to access the Downloads folder, you will not many of the nurses are:

  • Works to clear cache temporary.
  • The removal of the files unwanted.
  • Delete photo backed up from the device.
  • Watch some of the application files with other people.

أين توجد الملفات التي يتم تحميلها على هواتف الأندرويد؟Where are the files that are downloaded to Android phones is?

After you install the application “Google”, it will be easy to find the files to replace download select the tab “browse” located at the bottom of the app, and then pressing the Downloads “DOWNLOADS”, then click on the file once to open it or long press to get the different options; such as deletion, participation and tolerance.

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