When will you get smart phones for 5G?

Expected to be technology 5G is the next hop of the report of the communication and this technique at higher speeds the response time is less and opens the door for completely new set of use cases for smartphones, however we are still in the early stages of the preparation of the grid for the next generation and not our phones are compatible with 5G so far.

Targeted at manufacturers of smartphones in 2019, the first date for the launch as possible for the first phones powered by 5G company said Huawei it drains the release of the first phone 5G in the second quarter of 2019 in Aspire ZTE released the first phone that supports the new generation at an early date of 2019.

Did not reveal other manufacturers, including industry leaders such as Apple and Samsung about their plans on 5G, however expect to see compatible phones from most companies at the time of the later of 2019 or early 2020 based on formal partnerships held with Qualcomm’s adoption of the modem X50.

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