When will watchOS 6 Series 1 Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2

This fall, Apple has done a lot wrong, as usual. For example, the company launched a beta testing iOS 13.1 before the release of iOS 13, was postponed almost half of the functions of the basic updates and then announced that it would upgrade the Apple Watch different generations at a time. But if the first and second amendments, in General, it was still possible to accept, then the third forced the user to really soperezhivat. After all, it is this method of updating is typical for Android when older devices get updates at the last turn. And fragmentation in the neighborhood.

Apple decided to upgrade the Apple Watch at a time. Apparently, to maintain watch more than three consecutive years become difficult

Apple traditionally does not disclose reasons which forced her to postpone the release watchOS 6 Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2. The only thing the company feel the need to tell the users is that the update will be released this fall. So, we still have a month to Refine the operating system and the implementation of this users promises. However, we are inclined to believe that the update will be released much earlier. It is possible even that this week. About how we know it, will be discussed shortly, but first let’s understand what Apple had to postpone the release.

What’s new in watchOS 6

watch OS 6 is perhaps the most ambitious update time operating system that we have just seen. Because this year, Apple agreed to make the Apple Watch independent of the iPhone, providing their own app store, where you can download software to bypass the smartphone. This is a serious bid for independence, considering that in one of the early beta versions of the update has even been found mentioning the built-in mechanism for self-updates. Apparently, Apple has finally realized that to continue to position the Apple Watch as an appendage to your iPhone any longer. That’s just Apple Watch, Series 1 and Series 2, apparently, was not sufficiently productive to pull out the whole set of innovations.

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So now Apple will have to decide what innovations watchOS 6 to get rid of that operating system normally worked on the clock the old generations. Well, think about it, if the company failed to optimize for them, some dials from the updates that say about the more significant functions. Of course, Apple can’t afford to release an update just without promised at the presentation of the innovations, because that would be a serious blow to the reputation of the company. Therefore, the developers are working on optimizing the least resource-intensive functions. And what happens – they do not know.

When will the 6 watch OS for the Apple Watch

Apple itself does not know what functions to add to watch OS 6

On the official Apple website and they saythat some watchOS 6 can be changed without notice. And since the content updates for the new Apple Watch will not change, because it is long gone, so we are talking about older models, which only have to update. Another question – when?

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If Apple left the indication of the update release this fall, likely at the company every day for weight of gold, and she will try to make maximum use of the allotted time. Hence, we cannot exclude the fact that 6 watch OS for the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 will be released by the end of November. But as watch OS 6.1 will be released in October, Apple runs the risk to get bogged down in transfers of dates and issues of fragmentation, if you don’t release the previous update before. Therefore, in my opinion, it would be logical if the company introduced the release version of watch OS 6 for old models this week, a few days later updated it to 6.1 watchOS, but together with everyone.

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