When will the world end, will be very useful to Tesla

Have you noticed that love of cars Tesla is somewhat wavy. First interest in them was huge, then a little sleep. Then came the Model 3 and again all talked about it. And so it was with every model or with each new development, like autopilot. It makes sense, but apparently, now it’s time for another wave of increasing interest in the creations of teams Elon musk. This is due to the fact that Tesla potentially could be the perfect car for the end of the world.

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How to clean the air in the car

In each car there is a air filtration system, which not only is part of the ventilation system, but really performs the desired task. Here but in different cars it has a different level of quality.

Not difficult to guess that roads that at rush hour there are thousands of cars with running engines, are one of the most polluted places in the city. That’s just to feel it wholly impossible, as even in the most inexpensive cars there are filters that protect against that. The difference is well noticeable, for example, when passing through the tunnel by car and the next day on the bike, where the exhaust does not protect anything, except for a thin Balaclava. I noticed that in such a situation, but you can just open the window.

The struggle for the environment to be! As proof, there are 14 scenarios of technology development from respected analysts.

The revolutionary Tesla system

Since Tesla is always different from the competitors, its a cool systemthat others never dreamed of, ”some sort of” ventilation system was left unnoticed, but it is also one of its kind revolutionary and unique.

It looks like the air filter that must be changed.

It first appeared in models of the Tesla Model X. And for its development it was applied a little effort. At the same time, Elon Musk has expressed special thanks to Google co-founder Larry page because he pushed him to the idea. So the most popular electric cars appeared system HEPA air filters.

In the end Tesla carsthat were protecting the environment from harmful emissions with the new system can help protect against dirt and even the people inside the car.

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If you believe most Tesla, the size of the filtration system is significantly more filters in other cars, and efficiency in a special mode that exceeds the effectiveness of similar systems of premium class cars 100 times or more.

BMW M4 — a nice car, but it can’t protect you from the dirty air as well as Tesla.

The ventilation system performed well in terms of the fires in California, which annually burn thousands of acres of forest. But trees are destroyed, entire villages and even small towns. It so happened that in California is more than just Tesla.

Bioweapon defense mode at its finest. from teslamotors

In the video posted above, you can see how the user goes on the road, which in addition to how the hell, is difficult to call. Around the fire, and we can only guess what this place was air quality.

When the driver asked about his experience of travel on a road for Tesla, he gave quite a clear answer.

I activated the enhanced protection mode, when only saw fire. It was as if I pressed the button ”activate the future”. — he said — by Clicking the button, I felt pretty epic, knowing that the system will protect me from the fire.

By the way, in such conditions is another plus Tesla. It’s electric and will not lose performance unlike gasoline cars, which is to create a mixture and, accordingly, movement need clean air, in which a lot of oxygen.

Protection regime against biological weapons

Mode, which tells the user is caught in terrible conditions, called ”Modes of defense against biological weapons”. Sounds a bit pathetic, but, according to the manufacturer, the system is able to remove not less than 99.97% of fine particulates from the air that is directed into the cabin. Such particles are contaminants, bacteria, viruses and various allergens like mold and pollen.

The famous opener of the doors of the Tesla Model X.

Initially, the feature appeared in the Tesla Model X, but was later adapted for use with the Tesla Model S.

In the case of fire, the Musk said that such a system will allow you to quickly evacuate from a dangerous area without the need for special personal protective equipment. In addition, the system will allow people with strong allergic reactions to safely pass through the flower fields and birch groves.

But now, remember the movie, which shows another version of the man-made Apocalypse in which people hide from danger in the face of contaminated substances in the air. It turns out, Tesla will be able to protect them?

Tesla car the day of judgment

In addition, the creation of the Mask can protect the passenger without the need to wear personal protective equipment, they will allow you to quickly move from one place to another. The question of which would have to think, will only need to charge the car, but it is even more of a plus than a minus.

We show that after the onset fierce of hell, like a man-made disaster or a zombie Apocalypse, people will live in communities that can provide themselves with everything necessary for existence.

When you rod zombies, the best form of martial arts will be running, and the best weapon a fast machine.

Thus, for example, I always wondered where the heroes of movies like ”the Walking dead” for 10 years after the catastrophe, get the petrol. Especially considering that they don’t produce it. The issue arose due to the fact that to collect the remains of gasoline at the pump is possible, but not so much, and sooner or later they run out, and for the production of fuel of desired plants, which serves more than a dozen people with special knowledge. I’m not talking about oil production.

From this point of view, it is the electric vehicles seem to be more promising as the machines the day of judgment. The logic is simple — to produce electricity is significantly easier than creating gasoline.

It turns out, the Tesla Model X with a large interior, a high cross, a powerful system of protection from air pollution and electric vehicles are an ideal option for survival. It turns out! Only the batteries will need to think of something, but again, this is easier than to extract oil and Refine it.

Went to request a purchase. Suddenly starts soon. Moreover, that doomsday clock is transferred closer to midnight.

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