When will the iOS 13.2 and why is it important

This fall update to iOS sypyatsya as from a cornucopia. Just over a month, Apple has released five updates for its mobile OSes. The reasons for this the company has. In the end, you need to fix the bugs that were not resolved in previous builds, but at the same time to release the promised features that were not available with the main release. But since, both Apple in excess, the updates will continue to come out in the future, and the nearest one is iOS 13.2to the output of which left nothing at all.

Soon we are waiting for another iOS update. The sixth

As reported by 9To5Mac, iOS release version 13.2 will be released on October 30. If this really happens, then Apple took less than a month to test the update and all functions that it contains. This speed, quite atypical for the company, gradually begins to acquire the status of norms. In any case, iOS 13.1 – the first functional update to iOS 13, became available for download just a week after the main release, which has never happened before. This means that in Cupertino can change their own rules if circumstances require.

What’s new in iOS 13.2

  • Technology support Deep Fusion
  • Announcement of incoming messages with Siri;
  • Connection of two pairs of AirPods to iPhone;
  • Shooting video protected HomeKit;
  • Support of routers that are compatible with HomeKit;
  • Support speakers AirPlay compatible 2;
  • The new set of Emoji;
  • Click to remove the application, called Haptic Touch gesture;
  • The choice of framerate or resolution in the Camera app.

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However, the release date of iOS 13.2 important not so much the output as the circumstances. If before the release of the update, only one more week then it will be whatever Apple event. Usually, Apple sends invitations to the presentation no later than 9 days in advance, allowing invitees to be prepared and, if necessary, to adjust their plans. And since the invitations are still not there, from this we can conclude that the September presentation will be the only autumn Apple event in the past year.

When will the iPad Pro 2019

However, if the company does not want to spend another presentation, this does not mean that we are left without new products, who traditionally come out in October. Most likely, the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 16” will be on sale quietly, as the iPad Air 3, iPad mini 5 and 2 AirPods. This is logical, given that significant changes of the new items still are not responsible. In the end, installing a new processor in a tablet and an increase in diagonal screen laptop is half an inch – not a reason to convene a separate event.

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Another thing – the Apple Tag. We already know that Apple is finished or nearly finished tracker to locate lost items. Since this is a new and never seen before for many users of the product, the company would have to make a presentation to tell more about it and explain why it should buy. But if the presentation is not, then, in Cupertino decided to again postpone the launch of the tracker. Therefore, we would recommend to wait until March. This month Apple will hold its next event and, most likely, along with iPhone SE 2 will show the Apple Tag, or as it’s called.

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