When will the AirPower?

At the September presentation last year, along with the flagship smartphones, Apple has provided the public with wireless charging AirPower. It was assumed that the product will be released throughout 2018, however this has not happened. Moreover, Apple has removed from its website any mention of AirPower, which may indicate that the company finally abandoned its ambitious project. But is it?

Throughout the year insiders share information about the fate of the project AirPower. Almost all leaks have indicated that Apple’s wireless station has a number of design flaws, and the mass market it will be available immediately, as soon as they solved these problems. At the moment there are three main flaws:

  • Excessive heating. Because of the peculiarities of the wireless platform, AirPower can greatly overheat, until the complete stop of the charging process.
  • Problems with the software. It was assumed that AirPower will operate on a special stripped-down version of iOS. However, engineers faced a number of difficulties of adaptation of the system. It turned out that the pairing process does not always work correctly, and the developers have not yet achieved coordinated work of the mechanism.
  • The complexity of the design. AirPower in technical terms was much more complex than conventional inductive charging standard Qi. To ensure the impact of energy on the entire surface of the platform and for each type of device, Apple engineers took place on the motherboard AirPower components and sensors of different sizes, which was an extraordinary challenge due to its small size.

The fact that Apple has not frozen the project AirPower, indicates at least the fact that together with the latest smartphones is documentation that mention wireless platform. Most likely working on the project moved to the final stage and very soon we can see this product on store shelves. According to the forecast of the authoritative analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, it will happen early in the first quarter of 2019.

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