When waiting for the release of the beta version 10 for Android smartphones Samsung

The latest on the moment version of the mobile operating system from Google, Android 10, now available for download. However, today it can be done, unfortunately, only the owners of the line machines Google Pixel. At that time, as the adherents of the other brands are still waiting for the desired update. But, apparently, the devices of the South Korean company Samsung will be the next “in line to receive” the coveted update. However it is only beta. But to download it, according to some estimates, it will be possible in the near future.

In the near future Samsung flagships will get the Android 10

Android when 10 will be released on Samsung smartphones

According to the editors of the site SamMobile, which refers to “verified and credible sources”, the latest flagships of Samsung face Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Note 10 get a novelty among the first. Reliable source claims that the smartphone will be able to access the beta version of Android 10 already at the beginning of October 2019. And, interestingly, the first test version of the firmware will be available to residents of the North American continent, and then “very soon” to them can join and Europeans. Most likely, the update will be available before the end of October on all devices-the flagship.

What is the basis for such a conclusion? First and foremost, the authors refer to last year’s successful launch of the Android Pie 9, beta version of which also appeared around this time. However, then the device Galaxy S9 got an update closer to November. But the final stable version got to the Europeans by the end of the year. While fans of Samsung products from North America had to wait until January 2019. Therefore it is necessary to think, that this time events will develop under the same scenario.

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It is not necessary to think that Android 10 will be the “exclusive” line S10. When a new version of Android it is quite common that the moment when first the recently released devices receive operating system updates, and then they added and “old”. With that said, it is necessary to assume that the Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 see Android 10 after the release of the current flagship. It is likely that this will happen in 2020. And if you take into account the fact that Samsung tries to maintain as much as possible the number of devices we can hope that the S8 line and get a customized version Android 10. However this will happen not soon. And you are waiting for the release of the Android 10? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

But with the devices range Galaxy A everything alas, not so simple

But as the Galaxy A series, then the options for Android 10 pretty vague. While the device of higher class like the A70, A80, and A90, with high probability, sooner or later will be able to get the opportunity ecnfyjdrb Android 10, devices of the lower and middle price segment in the face A10e, A20, A50, and may be left without the latest version of “green robot”.

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