When the SEC will approve the ETF for cash? Expert

In early August, analyst Brian Kelly statedthat the SEC will approve the ETF only once in the US will be adjustable cryptocurrency exchange, and CryptoStream will begin to provide quality services and products for institutional investors.

Now Kelly suggested that the U.S. regulator will delay a decision until the deadline of February 2019. His words leads News BTC.

When will Bitcoin grow

So the investor has responded to the recent denial of SEC approval of nine filings for ETFs that have filed exchange ProShares, Direxion and GraniteShares. Then the regulator said the cause of verdict inconsistency of the proposed solutions the exchange Act.

February 2019 is the most realistic date by which the SEC will be able to take a positive decision of the public funds, focused on Bitcoin. Why do I think so? The regulator has the right to move the approval of nine times, and the last one corresponds to February next year.

Kelly added that the decision of the SEC approving an ETF is paramount. However, this will not happen immediately. First need to improve the quality of cryptocurrency services in the country, as institutional investors should have the appropriate tools.

Weight words Kelly adds the intention of the SEC to reconsider the decision on the three ETFs that were rejected. The representative of the Governor said that the verdict was not all members of the Commission. However, the specific date of approval are not disclosed.

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