When the Bitcoin price will rise up to a million dollars? Exact date from John McAfee

The founder of McAfee Associates finally announced the date that needs to come true his famous prediction — Bitcoin for a million dollars. According to John McAfee, the “key day” day is 31 December 2020. By that time, the cryptocurrency will overcome mentioned earlier, the price cap.

Recall, McAfee has not once complained of serious growth of the stock market in the future. Millionaire is so confident in his words that he promised to eat his penis live on national television, if his prediction will come true.

When you start to grow Bitcoin

McAfee set the ending date in response to the recent remarks of Vice-President office of the blockchain and the digital currencies in IBM Jesse Lund. He is also waiting Bitcoin for a million dollars, but refuses to name the date to which cryptocurrency should take this price level.

In order to place at once all points over “i”, McAfee published on Twitter rather sharp comment.

People are waking up to the idea that Bitcoin will sooner or later rise up to a million dollars. But when? “Someday”, “maybe in five years” “10 years”. Am I the only one who is willing to call a very specific date: December 31, 2020.

Lund has not yet answered McAfee on Twitter about his prediction. At least, he is confident that Bitcoin will definitely be worth more than $ 5,000 by the end of this year. Sam McAfee in July 2017 predicted growth of the main cryptocurrency to 500 thousand dollars over 3 years. Apparently, now he expects even more rapid PAMP coins.

The millionaire is kind of like preparing for the balloting for President of the United States, living in the country. Before he left America because of allegations of financial crimes.

Follow the Bitcoin exchange rate and see million dollars first will allow a rating of the cryptocurrency. Don’t miss out.


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