When the “Smart TV” I needed to be afraid!

Times past that we were watching the TV stations the traditional has ended now. At the present time are quickly replacing those old televisions without a smart TV, modern and sophisticated, and through which they can view the contents of the video and audio, gaming and browsing the internet and downloading and using apps, all due to the internet.

This development is part of a broader trend involves linking the consumer electronics and things daily on the internet, it’s the process of creating the mass of fast growing of the various organs of the” Internet of things” (IoT).

However, the Internet connectivity of Smart TVs and dangerous security on the Internet of things make it likely in general to a deluge of threats for our Privacy and the security of our information, which reveals his Thomas Fulton, author in Information Security have ESET ESET.

Research has shown that various attacks on Smart TVs is possible and real impact, and often do not require that attacks any physical access to the device or interaction by the user, it has also been proven several times that the TV supports internet, can be a starting point for attacks on other devices within the same network, once you know the risk, and in the end to get the user’s personal information stored in order to achieve more important goals such as personal computers or laptops.

Protect your back

Now, you may enjoy watching Your Smart TV, but you certainly don’t want to be watching You too through your TV. The “watch it” is exactly what can these TVs do.

In 2013, he showed the researchers that through the exploitation of security vulnerabilities in some models of TVs SAMSUNG Samsung that works on the internet, it is possible to run the camera, microphone and integrated remote. In addition to converting TV to all the organs of vision, and all the organs of hearing, and they can control the apps and social media, the dissemination of information on behalf of users and access to your files. Showed the researchers another attack allowed the inclusion of news stories fake in the browser Smart TV.

Also you can find malware its way to Smart TVs and convert them into listening devices. In the trend of the quality of the attacks which also proved practically, hackers can create a legitimate application by deploying a software update malicious which will then be automatically loaded on the Smart TV with built-in microphone.

And in 2014, she appeared a gap in the standard of interactive television on a large scale (known as HbbTV), and that code migration can be buried in the broadcast “rogue” and target thousands of Smart TVs in one fell swoop expanded, as well as other devices in the network that can hijack information from them, steal logins, displaying fake ads, and even he can stop in the networks Wi-Fi WiFi unprotected. In addition, does not require migration of any acts of piracy are complex or severe Intelligence.

The spotlight has been on issues related to the attacks, TV (HbbTV) again in 2017. Showed technology researcher in the field of security deployment signal to rogue through the air to breach the TVs that support the internet. Once you take the attacker, he can use television to their infinite list of malicious acts, including spying on the user through microphone and camera by the vandalism in the internal network. It has been estimated up to 9 of 10 of the Smart TVs sold in recent years have been vulnerable to this hack and the threat. As is the case for the previous example, the victim does not find any external signs indicate the presence of something abnormal.

In February, 2018, issued to non-profit organizations to the consumers of the United States reports refers to the results of the tests extract on TVs connected to the internet from five brands, each of them platform a smart TV is different. The organization said that “millions of Smart TVs can be controlled by the hackers who exploit the security flaws are easy”. It was found that the devices can be vulnerable to Intrusion Detection and gas developed that will enable the attacker from the car across the channel, and volume control and brightness and install new applications and damaging the devices Wi-Fi .. it’s all about the after definitely.

The report also found that users need to approve the collection of detailed data related to the world of their viewing their own – only if they are willing to talk about the smart features of the new smart TV. Over the years, he found that many of themmanufacturers have been involved behind the scenes in business and data related to the world views of consumers.

Having a listen

The concerns many raised in 2015 about privacy and the implications because of Smart TVs, when created Samsung ‘voice recognition’ as another feature of ways to wellbeing which managed to give voice commands to your smart device the company has issued a warning to customers who use the voice activation feature on the Smart TVs that their conversations will be among the data captured and share them with third parties. In addition, the audio information captured is in the range of active official and always are not encrypted, allowing hackers to listen to private conversations.

As is said of beauty, the security of the talks is the rest and is of properties important for privacy and security of information and concerns related with the increased test users for Smart TVs. According to one data, it is expected the use of more than 750 million devices Smart TV worldwide by the end of the year 2018.

The Smart TVs provide us with opportunities to use and a lot of things and with multiple computers. In fact, these TVs have a computer connected to the internet, like mobile phones. Undoubtedly, it is safe to handle on it like the rest of the hardware and the war in dealing through them accordingly.

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