When it launches the Apple iOS update 13.2’s? And what are the nurses there?!

Apple has already launched iOS update 13.1 promised updates to other sub-after and currently are testing the iOS update 13.2 have developers subscribers program Apple demo. So what about the final launch of this update?متى تطلق ابل تحديث iOS 13.2 ؟

The launch date of the iOS update 13.2

Will launch the iOS update 13.2 for users with the end of the month of October, specifically on October 30, according to the plans, the usual from Apple. Currently there is update in the second beta version is expected to launch the final version in a few days.

Also will Apple launch headphones Beats Solo Pro new in the markets on October 30, and it has some advantages that will not only work in the presence of the update region, which means that the update may arrive at any moment during the week.

What are the possible new parameters?

  • New options in the main screen when prolonged pressure such as rearrange apps and delete them directly.
  • Smilies with the new support for Unicode Unicode 12
  • New options in special Siri privacy and share data with Apple.
  • The technique of Deep Fusion to change in the phones Evo 11.
  • The option to control the video quality and the number of frames in the camera application in the phones of Evo 11
  • General improvements and fix some errors.

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