When Ethereum will grow to $ 200? The opinion of the trader

After quite a long flat Bitcoin finally reached $ 4,000. Amid rising main cryptocurrencies altcoins also started to show good results in terms of profitability. For example, the Ethereum entrenched in the region of $ 140. We hasten to please — this is not the end. According to analysts, during the next bullish wave course ETH will grow up to $ 200.

It remains only to wait

Trader under the name UB believes that the closing price is above ETH $ 139 is proof of the continuation of the upward movement of the coins.

Will wait for the closing day candles on the Ethereum before entering a position. A close below $ 139 will be a sign for short. Line 115 dollars still represents an area of increased interest for the bears.

Another well-known analyst DonAlt supported this view.

When I opened my long on the Air a month ago I expected the growth up to $ 200. My expectations in a global perspective all the same, the asset price should be much higher. I kept a bearish tone the last three weeks, but now he has changed. If my stop loss will touch, open long below.

Traders ‘ forecasts deserve attention. The Ethereum pretty much responds to the movement of Bitcoin, so the price increase of the main cryptocurrency even a couple of hundred dollars will be sufficient for strong performance ETH up.

Unfortunately, users do not consider the Ethereum most profitable investment. This was read as the data of a recent survey of analysts Weiss Ratings. In it the winner is XRP.

From a global perspective we are waiting for more x’s. According to co-founder of Ethereum Joe Lubin, in the coming 20 years, the world economy will grow at least 10 times. In such circumstances, the capitalization of the stock market definitely needs to grow.

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