When can we expect the release of Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold and what will it be?

The first foldable smartphone from South Korean company Samsung was announced in February 2019 along with a range of Samsung Galaxy S10. But the first reviews of the people who were able to test the device in person, not just forced users to question (and that’s an understatement) as a device, but also forced the Koreans to send gagdet for revision. The recent “re-issue” situation is not particularly fixed. However, Samsung did not lose heart and are already preparing the second version of the foldable smartphone.

You already “buried” series Galaxy Fold? In vain.

Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold. What to expect from him?

According to several leaks, indirectly confirmed and most Samsung, not yet officially announced Galaxy Fold 2 will have a smaller screen size than the current foldable smartphone. However, according to Korean publication ETNews, is likely to change and the design of the device. Instead of the current form factor in the form of books we can offer something resembling a cot. Something like Motorola plans to do with its revived lineup of Razer.

It is also possible that Samsung may replace the current protective layer of transparent plastic polyimide (PI), which is set on the current display, Galaxy Fold, to scratch-resistant ultra-thin glass (UTG) on a folding phone of the second generation. The same ETNews report suggests that Samsung Galaxy 2 will be Fold cheaper, being approximately at the level of $ 1,500, which is significantly lower than the current price tag of almost $ 2000. Replacement plastic glass and reducing the size of the gadget speak in favor of reducing the price of the device.

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Another possible way to reduce the price of a hypothetical Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold (although the company may change the name) is to offer a model with less memory. Currently Fold comes only in the version with 512 gigabytes of internal memory, but according to the resource SamMobile report, Samsung may offer a variant with 256 GB on Board. According to the Korea financial publication The Bell, Samsung is expected to announce Fold 2 (currently held in the records of the company under the code name “Bloom”) in April 2020, and the yield will be scheduled for late spring or early summer of 2020. Are you still waiting for foldable smartphones or have lost faith in this technology? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

And although the Galaxy Fold was a lot of problems, and in the eyes of buyers foldable smartphones have become something extremely unreliable, overpriced and in General a dubious pleasure, I want to believe that Samsung would learn a lesson from such bitter experience. We all remember the story with a problematic Samsung battery Galaxy Note. But the Koreans were able to “steer” the situation, and new Note 10 is one of the best phablets on the market, if not the best in its class generally.

Therefore I’d like to think that Galaxy Fold will eventually become accessible and interesting to a wide circle of people device, because like it or not, a foldable smartphones is a new control experience, which is so severely lacking modern gadgets. But in order for that to happen you need to run the following foldable phone went much more smoothly than what we saw this year.

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