When Bitcoin will reach 250 thousand dollars? Opinion known captainvalor

Well-known venture investor and advocate of Bitcoin Tim Draper said that by 2023, the coin will take over 5 percent of the total world market. The price of the home cryptocurrency will reach the mark of 250 thousand dollars. This opinion he expressed in a recent interview with FOX Business. Tim also took the trouble to once again emphasize the main advantages of Bitcoin — decentralisation, transparency and free access to information about what is happening in the blockchain.

Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate

Coin has a clear policy of “to the moon” and continues to grow from the beginning of 2019. Analysts believe that the extremely strong resistance was at the level of $ 6,000 that Bitcoin has successfully overcome may 9. This morning the price of BTC exceeded 6850 dollars and demonstrates a desire to grow.

At the Salt conference in Las Vegas Draper appeared in tie and socks with the image of Bitcoin. According to him, he is going to launch a new company, which will work exclusively on Bitcoin transactions.

I want to start a Foundation through which I will be willing to Finance solely with bitcoins. However, these companies will pay their employees and suppliers in bitcoin, and subsequently I’m going to pay its investors in BTC.

As noted by Draper, it would be very convenient. In such a structure, would not have accounting or legal records, because all the data would be available on the blockchain. We will remind, earlier Draper gave one of the most optimistic predictions about the future of Bitcoin back in November 2018. Then he claimed that the coin will gain 250 thousand dollars by 2022.

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