WhatsApp will stop supporting iOS 7 in the early 2020


Given that the iOS system 12 will be released later this year, it means it’s been on the release of iOS 7 about five years. Although the majority of users of iOS have upgraded to newer versions of iOS, the WhatsApp to extend the system support for iOS 7 until the year 2020.

To be more specific, you will available WhatsApp for a system support iOS 7 and earlier versions of it in today February 1 of the year 2020. This means that WhatsApp has decided to support iOS 7 for almost seven years by that time. This is inevitable, too, as we have said previously, we believe that this will not affect only a very small group of users due to that the customers of Apple tend to upgrade to newer versions of iOS quickly. Most likely, there will be uses iOS 7 by the year 2020.

According to WhatsApp, it has also made it clear last week that it would stop supporting Android Gingerbread in the year 2020, the system Nokia S40 on 31 December 2018. In both cases, this should not be a surprise to anyone, but in case if you still have a device running iOS 7 or older version, take into consideration that it will not support WhatsApp by 2020.



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