WhatsApp will allow you to soon secure the application using sensor fingerprint


I suggested earlier reports that are being developed to control features of the biometric for WhatsApp on the iOS platform. It will allow users of WhatsApp on iOS platform to prevent any person from accessing this app through the lock using face recognition technology, Face ID or using the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID. Now, reveal to us the beta version the latest WhatsApp for Android he is also developing a feature similar to this app as well.

WhatsApp does not guarantee any security feature at the application level, this means that anyone can easily access your conversations if your phone is unlocked. Even in the case keep your phone safe, anyone can take your phone when you don’t have unlocked and check on your messages.

However, this security feature a new biometric that is monitored in the trial version the latest WhatsApp on the Android platform will allow users to lock the app using sensor fingerprint. Thus, this means that even if someone got access to your phone and managed to open it, you will not be able to see the content of the application WhatsApp in your case if you pocket and the other using sensor fingerprint.

Show some pictures that have been posted for demo latest of WhatsApp for Android that this feature will be present in the privacy section within the app. Of course, users will able to activate and disable this feature every time they wish to do so.

Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the launch date of this feature, but it’s reassuring to see that the company is WhatsApp working on the development of this feature.


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