WhatsApp users will get unlimited storage in Google Drive

Google and Facebook have agreed on a new type of cooperation. The users of WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) will have the opportunity of using unlimited space in the cloud storage Google Drive to backup the data from messenger. About it it is spoken in the official developer blog.

“You can create a backup of your chats and media on Google Drive, in case of transfer to another Android phone of your chats and media files could be transferred. We recommend you to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network before starting the backup of your chats on Google Drive […]”, — reads the statement of the developers.

Backup WhatsApp

Unlimited access to the space in Google Drive to backup the chats and attachments from WhatsApp will be available to all users starting November 12. From this date all the files that will be uploaded to the cloud from the messenger will not reduce the available amount of storage regardless of the presence of paid subscription and available space.

In order to save space for active users, Google plans to remove all backup your WhatsApp data that have not been updated for more than one year. The reason highly recommend to update your copy, if you value your saved information. Otherwise, you risk losing all of the accumulated information on the day of the start of the program.

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