WhatsApp to date with the additional characteristic not taken into account

In-app Browser

Yeah, it wasn’t in the account where it came in response to criticism that exposed the apps to communicate about the privacy of users and the need to protect her by all means and ways.

After series of criticism about this came to exist due the new account about the intention to prepare a special browser built within the app itself, so that the this browser with all the links that link users will be able to visit except through this browser that has the means to protect sophisticated enough to explore the links and misleading false and deceptive that may carry a lot of burden.

Will include these new features to prevent users from Screen Capture Screen Shot as well as display a warning message about the links that follow sites and pages not secure.

And the subject of privacy concerns WhatsApp around him increased its pace in recent times a date in the announcement of the intention to suspend the service for users of customized applications WhatsApp “WhatsApp Plus and JB WhatsApp” and other applications that are so and.

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